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Great American Grump Out Day

What is Great American Grump Out Day? Its today! We take this opportunity to spend only 24 hours NOT being grumpy, crabby, pouty, or rude. I’m working hard on it, how about you?
Today, Michael and I traveled home from Latrobe. The trip took a bit longer than usual, but still went well. (We got stuck behind buses on the way out of Latrobe, and then stuck behind buses on the way into Gaithersburg.) Michael is such a good traveler – I am so lucky that he entertains himself so well for the 3-4 hours that it takes to travel back and forth. When we got home, we were shocked to see how much of our deck is completed. I’ll be posting pictures later tonight over at the Crazy Crawfords site. I want to wait until the workers leave to take pictures tonight. Its amazing-we’ve got a floor and at this point, most of the banister. They’ve even started working on the patio. Total insanity. Irma told me that it was 105 degrees here yesterday – and you KNOW these guys were working in that. They amaze me.
Tonight, Steve gets home from his business trip, and Liss is coming over for dinner and to chill out for a bit. It will be a little hectic here tonight, so I’m not sure if I’ll get a chance to update this blog anymore (tonight). But I did want to say hello and let you know that its just been a mellow day of traveling over here. Our real excitement is the deck progress. So I’m off to get some chores done, talk to you soon!


I was tagged!

Lisa tagged me!

favorite color: taupe (more on the brownish greyish pinkish side, LOL)
word i most like to be described as: good
best meal i cook: artichoke dip and dijon chicken
favorite dessert: frozen brownie dough or frozen hoho’s
favorite movie: mallrats…or contact…or…
favorite outfit: currently? jean skirt and a tank top (gotta love preggo outfits)
usually in bed by: 9 when i’m pregnant, otherwise, i might splurge until 1030ish 😉
favorite sounds: ocean
i wish: ummmm…
what i crave: anything cold
surround me with: happiness

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Per Your Request

I know its not EXACTLY what you requested, but it still gives you the idea…
Which Mound Is Bigger?
Happy Memorial Day!

Oops, I’ve done it again…

What’s up with our girl? Or is it just that a photographer is always right there to catch every single little thing? My heart is sad for her. Here Is The Link

Happy Mother’s Day!

Oh, all my friends, happy mother’s day to you. Yes, to all you-even those who don’t have human children. I know you mother either a furry creature (or two or three or…) or even just your fabulous mothering skills you show to your friends and other family members. Thanks for spending some of those skills on me. I appreciate it, and it means a lot to me, truly.
Steve, Michael and I went to Annapolis to have brunch in the Treaty of Paris with his family members. If you were there somewhere around 11ish and saw a huge brood of adults and small children milling around waiting for our table (somehow our confirmed reservations for 14 didn’t exist?!), that was the clan. After brunch we made our way back to Grandma and Granddad’s house for a little fun time for all the cousins. We ended up getting home around 3:30, so we had the rest of the day to chill.
Early evening brought on a few contractions for me, which was kind of scary considering I’m only 27 weeks along, but they were less than 4 in one hour (although extremely painful) so I didn’t call my midwives. I’m feeling better now at nearly 10pm, but I’m thinking its time for bed soon.
I think I’m rambling.

Testing this thing out…

Just want to see if this posts, if it does, I’ll be truly updating my blog tonight.
In the meantime, go check out the new look of created by Jessica Bolton of Eclectic Scraps (
Thank you, Jessica, for making SF look tip top, girl! You are one talented lady!

In case you were wondering

The football guy was getting coffee when I got to Starbucks today. He was nearly asleep in a chair by the time I left (only a few minutes!)…yep, still had the ring on. And shorts with tall socks. 😉