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Oh, sure, gang up on me! Hahahaha!

Don’t you all know a watched pot never boils?? You all make me laugh! Between Liss calling to see if I’m in labor and James siding with Lisa, its a wonder I’m still hormonally semi-balanced! You crazy kooks make me laugh! Thanks for the smiles, guys!

Yesterday was a great day-I got so much done! Steve and Michael went to Annapolis to celebrate Granddad’s birthday and I stayed here. The night before, I ot all my 2004 negatives filed (yeah, me!) and I managed to finish my 2005 negatives yesterday while the boys were gone. I also got parts of the house cleaned up (including my scrapbook room, which is a MAJOR event including reorganizing and decided to give things away that I will never use), and even some scrapbooking done. Once the guys got back, I spent the rest of the evening with Michael, just hanging out. I spent most of my evening talking to Lisa on the phone, which was really nice. Even though I spent most of the time complaining, she listened and commiserated. Thanks, girl!

Michael went off to school today and is home already. We are waiting for his Grandma to arrive. They are having a sleepover tonight. Michael wants her to sleep on his trundle, but I don’t know if she will do that or sleep in the guest room. She’d be much more comfy in the guest room, although I must say that Michael’s trundle is pretty comfy itself. Steve is pulling some semi-late nihts this week studying for his test on Friday, so we won’t see him until close to Michael’s bedtime tonight. While Genie is here, I am hoping to get more stuff done around the house while she and Michael play. We’ll see how it goes. Its so stinking hot here that I hate to send them outside on the playground for fear of heatstroke. We’ll see.

Here’s my list for the day (you can skip, this is for my own benefit, LOL):

DONE -Pack hospital bag
DONE -Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car
DONE -Get baby bathtub cleaned up and put into the bathroom

DONE-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present

DONE -Photobook 06 part 1: Upload Jan-Mar photos
DONE -Photobook 06 part 2: Upload Apr-Jun photos – FINISH JUNE PHOTOS
DONE -Photobook 06 part 3: Order book

-Videos to DVDs
DONE -Photos away 2004
DONE -Negatives away 2004
DONE-Negatives away 2005
DONE-Photos away 2005
-Negatives away 2003

-Call electrician (Brian?) re: outlets and ceiling fans
-Call fireplace place to get maintenance done
-Call about siding replacement

-Replace a/c filters (ask Steve if we need to purchase them or do we have some?)
-Replace smoke detector batteries (purchase at least six 9Vs)
-Replace any lights that are burnt out
-Storage: carseat base, big swing, travel swing, vibrating chair, red playmat
-Cleanup items out of storage: swings, etc.

Other major projects:
DONE -Scraproom
-Computer room
-Purge toys
-Purge pantry
-Purge my closet

I’m off to get some phone numbers, etc so I can make phone calls in the morning. I’ll check in later! Hope you’re all having a great day!


Miss Lisa, I’m not in denial!

So I was talking to Lisa briefly today before she had to go take Wesley to a party (where’s my invite, eh?), and she said that she thinks that I’m in denial that I’m pregnant based on my to do lists. She said all the things that needed to be done to bring the baby home aren’t getting done, but all the other stuff is. LMAO, she’s such a hoot! We laughed about how crazy pregnant women are, especially when they start nesting. For example, while I’ve been trying to get photos uploaded to get printed out in a book, I decided that NOW is the time to get all my photo negatives from 2004 put into archival sheets. Um, yeah….I’m a loon, but I’m going to blame it on hormones (while I can, LOL).
For those of you who want a truly informative update on the pregnancy, here it is. For the rest of you who want to avoid it, please skip ahead to the next paragraph. I’ve been having contractions on and off for the past week. It seems like just as they start to get regular, they peter out. It licks. I’m dilated and effaced, although of course not the whole way, and the midwives keep telling me it will be any minute now. Like they know. I was 3 cm dilated with Michael for weeks before I ever had him, so I feel that being dilated and effaced don’t mean too much until you’re in pain. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been talking to Piper and telling her that we’re all ready for her, but she’s being stubborn, like her mother. Hehehe.
My peanut, Michael, has been having to have quite a few breathing treatments over the past two weeks. No more than one or two a day, with potentially a few days in between, but still it bothers me. Steve wants me to ask the doctor for a puffer for him for an emergency, but he doesn’t seem to understand that the breathing treatments ARE the emergency treatment. Michael is too little for a puffer, and the doctors won’t consider him truly asthmatic until he has to have more than four treatments a day for several days in a row to help him feel better. Even at the very worst, Michael has never had more than two treatments in a day. And now time for a rant: The craziest part about it is that when Steve gets freaked out about all this stuff, it makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. Does he EVER say that? NEVER. Its just that I take things personally, even when it doesn’t make sense to. So then, who is the one who talks to the doctors, etc? ME. Not the one freaking out about it all. For me, if I can talk to my dad and he tells me that things are all good, I have faith in the treatment. Steve also appreciates my dad’s input, but for some reason, he just freaks out more about stuff than I do…which is funny since I’m the emotional one and he’s the laid back one. Ok, I’m done ranting/rambling on that one…
I think tonight will be a relatively early night. Big surprise, huh?
Ok, I’m off to try to finish some ‘chores’ and then going to put the little guy to sleep. Have a great night!

More To Do’s

Beware, this is a post for me, so it will be boring to you. Its just my latest TO DO List…With a few things carried over from the last post…

DONE -Paypal cash to Andrea
DONE -Write out phone list to take to hospital/give copy to Steve

-Pack hospital bag
-Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car
-Get baby bathtub cleaned up and put in the kids’ bathroom

-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
ORDERED -Scrapbooking part 2: Get the rest of my 05 pictures printed
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present

-Photobook 06 part 1: Upload Jan-Mar photos
-Photobook 06 part 2: Upload Apr-Jun photos
-Photobook 06 part 3: Order book

DONE -Scrapbooking 06 part 1: Jan-Mar photos: Choose photos to print/scrap
DONE -Scrapbooking 06 part 2: Apr-Jun photos: Choose photos to print/scrap
ORDERED -Scrapbooking 06 part 3: Get Jan-Jun photos printed

-Call electrician (Brian?) re: outlets and ceiling fans
-Call fireplace place to get maintenance done
-Call about siding replacement

-Ask Steve to replace a/c filters (ask Steve if we need to purchase them or do we have some?)
-Ask Steve to replace smoke detector batteries (me: purchase at least six 9Vs)

DONE -Purchase baptism present for Calvin (holy late-he was baptized on Father’s Day!!)
DONE -Purchase present for Betsy’s baby girl and mail it off to her

DONE -SF goodies: mail out goodies to Michele, Julie, and Renee; CJ’s to Sara
DONE -TY’s to Amy, Sandy, and Genie (stamps in wallet)

-Videos to DVDs
-Photos away to proper places

Oh yes, and in addition to these ‘normal’ things, I’ve got major projects that I want to do, too, like:

-Purge the TOYS!
-Clean out the ‘computer room’, including getting boxes taken downstairs
-Clean up my scraproom
-Purge the pantry
-Purge my closet
-Get the rest of our items out of storage
-Clean out the basement

Yeah, so we’ll see if they get done or not….Lists, lists, lists, too many lists…

And now for some political commentary

So, I was just sitting here seeing what was going on in the world, and just HAD to make some comments before I got back to my list of things to do.

TOTAL CRAP: Andrea Yates found NOT GUILTY? WTF??

Gotta love when this is going on: MidEast Battles Continue, that somehow this is just as important: Lance Bass Comes Out (and its not like any of us are surprised, right??)


I have mixed feelings about this story: Wild Horses Make Annual Crossing Then Get Auctioned Off.
Apparently, someone else has mixed feelings rolling around, too: Big Bubba’s “Latent Homosexuality”.

Ok, I’m done, I’ve got to go get a special toy out of the car for the little man, and then its back to work for me.

Random Thoughts And A List Or Two

Some people are really inspiring to me. I sometimes sit here feeling overwhelmed with all the things I want to get done, and wonder how I will do it. Then I look at others and see that they do forty million more things than I do a day with multiple children or children who require more attention than mine. How? How do they do it? I want to do it, too. Here is a list of some of the people who inspire me on a daily basis, for many different reasons (I suggest that you go check out their blogs by clicking on their names below):


I’ve got a ton of things I would like to get done today before Michael comes home from school…I’ve also got a ton of things that I really SHOULD get done today, too, LOL So here is my TO DO List:

DONE -Get downstairs changing table cleaned up and ready for the baby
DONE -Check SF to see if I got any more addresses to send out goodies
DONE -Scrapbooking pre-part 1 (added later): Finish CJs to send to Sara
DONE -Update Michael’s site
DONE -Take updated pictures of Piper’s room
DONE -Take updated pictures of the deck and patio
DONE -Update Crazy Crawfords’ site
DONE -Dishes from last night (I know you’re jealous)
DONE -Put clean sheets on the guest bed
DONE -Have fun with Michael tonight

-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
-Scrapbooking part 2: Get the rest of my pictures from 2005 printed to scrapbook
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present
-Pack hospital bag
-Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car

In the meantime, here are some fun things for YOU to do while I’m trying to get things done today:
Should You Quit Your Job? (You know if you need this quiz…)
What’s Your Pimp Name? (Mine was Pimptress Luv)
What Brady Are You? (I was Bobby Brady, LOL)

I might see you later. Hope you are all having a great day!

What’s the plan, Stan?

The plan is to try to chill for a bit. I swear.

Mom and Sarah are on their way here for a few days to help me clear out some of Michael’s old clothes and toys and to get things finalized for the littlest peanut to arrive. They should be here shortly, and then I will go pick up Michael from school. It will be nice to have some company for a bit.

This morning has been pretty busy for me. After I dropped Michael off at school, I went to the Rockville post office to get boxes and send out goodies that scrappers won during the Scrapforums birthday crops. This is a huge post office, and would you believe that they had ZERO boxes. WTF?? “We ran out yesterday.” Um, hello?? How does one run out of shipping supplies when thou art a shipper?? (sorry, angry pregnant lady came out there for a minute) So I went to Target, because I wanted to get some more items for Piper–specifically, I wanted child size hangers, a closet organizer/system/something, and a small side table for beside the rocker in her room. I figured I would buy packing supplies while I was there. Total tool me couldn’t find ANY of these things. So I bought two movies and box of Ho Ho’s. I was so ticked off that I couldn’t find shipping stuff that I drove straight to Staples and bought my shipping stuff there. Normally, I don’t buy from Staples because they are so ridiculously priced up that its not worth it. This time, they were my knight in shining armour. Rock on, Staples! At that point, I managed to get a hold of Liss who was FINALLY out of her meeting (I’m not sure why she thinks her work meetings are more important than talking to me on the phone…LOL) and I ended up going to Starbucks to get us drinks. After I delivered her drink, I went to my normal post office, packed and addressed all my packages and sent them out. I promptly drove home, and VOILA! Here I am! 🙂 So it was a pretty busy morning, but I’m really happy that I got my parcels mailed off-one less thing to do, right?

I have to tell you something that happened to me while at Starbucks. (Not the normal Bucks at the Land of the Little People, this is a different one.) I was walking in while a mom of two young boys was walking out. I held the door-which is usual for me, even if I have Michael with me. I figure it sets a good example for him, and besides its just nice to do it for other people. Anyway, I digress…The mom was very sweet and said thank you and congratulations to me. I laughed-so many people ignore the bigbuddhabelly for fear that you are just fat and not pregnant-and said thank you. Two men my age were walking in at the same time I was. The one closest to me did not ‘take the door out of my hands’ and the other one was too far away to reach. No big deal, as I had a firm hold of it, but I was kind of suprised, since he was so close to me. Anyway, the coolest thing was that when I was walking out, the other guy was right behind me and held both sets of doors open for me to walk out. I said thank you, smiled and kept on going. When I got outside, he turned around and went back inside the Bucks! I couldn’t believe that this guy was so polite to go out of his way just to open a door for me. I think its fabulous that there are men out there who are truly polite and generous. Someone taught him well, and I appreciate it.

Well, I guess that’s it for now…I am going to chill for a few before Mom and Sarah get here. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!

Shine on you crazy diamond


Remember when you were young, you shone like the sun.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Now there’s a look in your eyes, like black holes in the sky.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
You were caught on the crossfire of childhood and stardom, blown on the steel breeze.
Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger, you legend, you martyr, and shine!

You reached for the secret too soon, you cried for the moon.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Threatened by shadows at night, and exposed in the light.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Well you wore out your welcome with random precision, rode on the steel breeze.
Come on you raver, you seer of visions, come on you painter, you piper, you
prisoner, and shine!

Nobody knows where you are, how near or how far.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
Pile on many more layers and I’ll be joining you there.
Shine on you crazy diamond.
And we’ll bask in the shadow of yesterday’s triumph, and sail on the steel breeze.
Come on you boy child, you winner and loser, come on you miner for truth and delusion, and shine!

-Shine On You Crazy Diamond, Wish You Were Here, Pink Floyd’s Tribute to Syd Barrett, 1975