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Miracles happen every day

Or: Things to be thankful for.
I’m not a religious peron, but I do consider myself spiritual. In any
case, I do believe in miracles. I consider a miracle to be something
that takes just the right circumstances to occur, if not a spark of some
divine intervention (aka something as yet unexplained by science). With
today being a day to be thankful for all that we have thanks to all of
our soldiers, I felt the need to ‘kick it up a notch’ ~ let’s be
thankful for all that we can. I am going to post some of the most recent
miracles that I’ve had the honor of having impacted my life. I hope that
those of you who are reading will share some of your recent miracles,
too. Without further ado:
-having known the joy of becoming pregnant again
-Owen surviving surgery and cancer treatments
-each day that my husband travels to and from work safely
-hearing that Nadine is pregnant
-learning about Mason’s cancer while there is still time to treat him,
instead of losing him
-two ‘no way’ friends become digital scrappers (ha!)
-two ‘never again’ friends become pregnant with their second children
-learning about my own abnormal cells early enough to treat them
These are only a few of the most recent ones. Please tell me some of
-Stacie Crawford


Important notes regarding…

…well, nothing! I just have a few things to throw out there at you today.

Star Wars, Episode III (no spoilers included)
The movie was incredible. How could it not be? I am a big fan of learning the stories behind the story, so it was really good. Of course, it was violent-it *IS* Star Wars, but it was sad, too. On that note, I leave you with two links to check out. First is this blog, which is hysterical. The other is of Hayden Christiansen, who plays Anakin/Darth Vader. Yum.

Its Always A Good Time To Sing
Just to get you going for the day, here is a 90’s song for you to sing throughout the day. If you know this song, you spent too much time either clubbing in the 90s or watching MTV when it was MUSIC television. So, here you go:
Yo I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I’ll tell you what I want, what I really really want,
So tell me what you want, what you really really want,
I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really
really really wanna zigzag ha.
-Wannabe, Spice Girls, Spice, 1997

Birthday Present
My family gave me my birthday presents last night. As soon as I can, I will put up photos, but I will tell you what they gave me: A framed black and white photo of The Beatles arriving in America in 1964, and figurines of all The Beatles that are like the Yellow Submarine movie. TOO COOL!!! I know at least one of you will be jealous out there. 😉

That’s it for now! Hope you have a wonderful day!!

Saturday Saturday Saturday

Not to confused with Thursday Thursday Thursday…
We did a bit of shopping today: Gymboree, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Steve and Barry’s. Just a tiny bit of Memorial Day Weekend damages done. 😉
Tonight we’re going to see Star Wars. I’m really excited-its been a long time since we’ve seen a movie together at the theatre. Oh, and did I mention that my parents are coming with us? It should be a good time.
We’re going to eat dinner here in a few minutes, so I gotta run, but…I just want you all to know that I sure do like you! 😉

Roll the bones

We go out in the world and take our chances
Fate is just the weight of circumstances
That’s the way that lady luck dances
Roll the bones
-Roll The Bones, Rush

Most of you reading this know that I truly believe that there is a reason for everything that occurs. We can learn from every experience we have and hopefully not too many of those experiences are unhappy ones. But I also find ‘in the nick of time’ and ‘coincidences’ ironic, yet, I digress.

Like many of you, I have had several unfortunate things happen in my life, whether it is in my personal life directly or in my friends’ or family’s lives. I have been thinking about how good my life is today, and of course, I am at the point where I truly realize that the bad things make the good things even better. It sounds so trite to put it into words, but ah well-its the truth.

On that note, I am highly disappointed in the Lost season finale. I guess I should preface that by saying this is the only episode that I watched. 😉

If only…

…I was as hot as my new avatar (supplied by Yahoo! avatars). You know its bad when a cartoon is more hot than you are. hehehehhe!

Ah, well, I suppose you came for more entertainment than this, eh? Well, check out this link for some interesting (for real) ideas about Star Wars. No, its not about the new movie, just go read. Come back and hollah when you’re done reading.

I knew it

I knew something was up yesterday early evening. After Michael had his breathing treatment (he has a cold and is having a hard time breathing again, poor kid – but he’s happy and playing, at least!), I heard a plane coming over, but it was so loud that I was actually worried that it was a little private owned plane potentially going to wreck into the house. I stood in front of Michael trying to decide what the heck to do, but its not like I knew what was up. When I looked outside, it was a fighter jet flying over. Windows and walls were rattling. If the guy would have waved, I would have been able to see-that’s how low he was to the ground. He was lower than any of the airplanes ever are around here – we have the county airport about a mile and a half from our home. He disappeared and either he or another plane came back and it was pretty regular timing for about 10 minutes or so. I searched the news stations, news websites, and even called out of state to see if anyone knew anything and I turned up nothing. I really was nervous that something was going on in DC that we were being defended against, but couldn’t figure out what it would be if it wasn’t being broadcasted everywhere. My mom suggested that someone is practicing for a Memorial Day airshow. Finally, I thought perhaps the local fighters were doing a neener-neener-neener flight about the Johnny Jackass who flew over DC two weeks ago getting his license pulled (haha). I had almost put it out of my mind, when I thought perhaps I should take another quick look at the websites at 1130 at night. Well, look what I found out:
NBC4 News
Guess I wasn’t so paranoid after all, eh?

Blogging, why I do it

My friend Laura asked me today why I started blogging my response was that I had done it before it was cool (and hence no one read it), I got bored, and stopped posting, but then decided recently to jump on the blogwagon and be a true follower-in search of that coolness factor. But here I am, several hours later, thinking about whether there aren’t some deeper reasons why I blog. I suppose in retrospect, I feel like my answer to Laura was somewhat flip.
I admit it-I’m a techiegeekgadget lover. Thankfully, my husband is, too, so we support each other in this highly monetarily-abusive attitude. We both turn our heads rather quickly to listen harder if someone – anyone – says “new” gadget/ camera/ cell phone/ computer/ laptop/ printer/ scanner/ iPod/ music player/ palm pilot/ software/ video games/ search engine algorythms/ DMOZ… You get the point? The only thing we never really got into was the beepers/pagers scene-but who needs that when you have cell phones with text messaging. Yet, I digress.
The point I was making is how can I *NOT* be blogging when its the latest techie rage? I mean, one of my dear friends who is VERY non-techie is out there blogging (in the guise of a scrapbook blog). Which seems to have urged her on to attempt digital scrapbooking (and made a digital design team!). Uh, hello? Do you see how technology sucks us in and drags us deeper? (Thank you, CoCo, for being an excellent example!) Wait, wrong blather-but you get my point, right?
I like to share my thoughts with my friends in a way that does not *FORCE* them to read (like say an email that implies you will comment in return). I really like when my friends comment, though. It makes me feel special and I think its really cool that *THEY* come looking for *ME* to see what I’m up to. Talk about making someone feel special!
I like that I can both direct thoughts toward certain people and write vast generalizing statements towards no one in particular at the same time in the same post if I want to. I love inside jokes (especially when I “get” them, LOL), such as:
“Bedagerfderf, little girl.”
“I like chicken and mashed and paimp.”
“Don’t get SUIT.”
“I don’t need my medicine anymore.”
BUT. My life isn’t that terribly exciting or interesting. Sure, it has interesting points. I *LOVE* my life but its a run of the mill stay at home mom kind of life. I’m not a celebrity, so no one except my friends seek me out. So, I suppose the real reason I blog is to entertain *ME*. Thank you, my friends.