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Its Race Your Mouse Around the Icons Day!

So I thought it would be a good day for an update over here. Obscure, I know, but still…
Life with two kids is fabulous. Seriously. Michael is adjusting well. The hardest part is having to keep telling him to be gentle. I feel bad about it. He just loves Piper so much, and he wants to hug her and love her and touch her all the time. Which is awesome. But when he hugs, he wants to hug her as hard as he hugs me and Steve, which is not so good. Michael is a real champ and is an amazing helper. He is always ready to get something for me if I’m nursing Piper, and he always wants to help in any way that he can. Piper is still in the sleeping, eating, pooping stage, so not too much can be said about her adjusting to life outside the womb. Nighttime is pretty good. She usually sleeps for about 3-4 hours at a time and when I go in to her, I’m usually back in bed within a half hour. Sounds like a long time, BUT with Michael I was always in there for at least an hour, so this seems like a walk in the park. I was nervous at first about her crying at night and whether or not it would wake up Michael since he is in the next room over, but guess what? He sleeps just as normal, which is fabulous. Bedtime is the time that is hardest of all the day. Trying to get Michael into bed and having Piper into bed, well, its hard. Michael wants me to lay with him for a few minutes and Piper wants to nurse. No matter what time we head up to bed, its always the same. I think Rowdy Roddy Piper plans it that way, to tell you the truth. Last night was perfect. While Steve was getting Michael ready for bed, I was nursing Piper. By the time they were reading stories, Piper was in her crib. Not asleep, but not crying. I managed to lay with Michael for ten minutes (a long time, by our standards) and we just chatted for a bit. It was nice to have some time just with my buddy. Pretty much as soon as I settled in for a snack downstairs, my presence was requested by the littlest peanut of the house. I didn’t really mind since I had gotten to spend time with Michael uninterrupted.
Ok, well, I’m off for now, gotta eat while I can, hehehe, but I leave you with a bit of entertainment: go check out this link (make sure you watch the whole thing):
PS To James: I’ve heard some stories about Texans….you know what they say about Southern hospitality, right? heheheh


She’s here!

Having issues blogging, will write more later.

Still pregnant, are you surprised?

I really had an hour last night when I thought to myself, “Self, this might be it!” Then I fell asleep and woke up another hour later with no pain left. What a bummer.
I did have my 40 week midwife appointment today (yes, my due date is August 12th-Saturday-but they have so many women due this week and next that they were actually doublebooking their appointments and this was the last one left!).
Today I got to meet with the director of the birthing center, Jan, who was so helpful during our last pregnancy and loss. She looked at me and said, “So what do you want to do? Are we inducing or waiting it out another week?” I nearly burst into tears while I told her all my thoughts from how bad I want to see that this little girl is ok to I don’t want to mess too much with nature (what if she’s NOT ready to come out for some strange reason??) to how much I am in pain to not wanting to ‘jinx’ anything by inducing. She said that based on all the info of this pregnancy that they have, this baby could go either way and be just fine. So, together, we decided that IF this baby doesn’t come by then, I will be induced next Thursday. So worse comes to worse, I only have one more week of this left.
We both laughed and said that now that I have my ‘walking papers’, she’ll probably decide to come on her own. I opted NOT to have an exam today to see if there was any changes, because I figure, it really doesn’t matter, right? Perhaps this will help get me going. In the meantime, I plan on walking more tonight as long as its not raining.
Ok, I just wanted to update you guys so you know what’s going down over here. I know you’re waiting with baited breath…LOL
Seriously, I wanted to say thanks for all the words of encouragement you guys have left here. You rock. I totally appreciate it!

Well, its a full moon tonight…

So, I’m hoping that the pull of the moon will get my labor going. Days of contractions off an on are tiring me. Frankly, I’m a little pissy right now about the whole thing. I just want her here so I can see her and know that she’s healthy. Heck, I’m at the point where if she could just come out for a little bit so I can check her out, she could go back in if she wanted to… LOL

Anyway, for those of you out there, send me painful, regular contraction vibes, ok?

I’m outtie, unlike some people’s kids… 😉

Kookiness ensues…

…right down the road from us…

Eventful morning (NO, I’M NOT IN LABOR YET!)

As previously mentioned, Michael has been having quite a few breathing treatments over the past week or two. What this works out to, for those of you who don’t know, is that one or two albuterol treatments through the nebulizer can take care of most of his coughing and wheezing for at least a full day, if not rid him of it completely.
Well, yesterday afternoon, I could hear that he was coughing hard, but not too much wheezing. Since his grandma was coming to stay over night yesterday, I decided to give him a treatment so that he wouldn’t have to take time away from being with her later in the day. Needlesstosay, he needed another one before bed, because I could hear him wheezing when I put my ear to his chest. Downright whistle-y, to tell you the truth.
Michael coughed off and on throughout the night, but around midnight, he was coughing so hard that I went in to check on him. I ended up giving him another breathing treatment because I was so nervous about his breathing. He recovered well enough to fall asleep and made it until about six o’clock this morning (still coughing off and on throughout the night, but not like at midnight) when I sent Steve in to check on him because he was coughing so hard again. Oh, and on top of all this, I was giving him cough medicine, too. Steve went into panic mode and brought Michael into me saying he was taking him into the hospital. I told him that all they would do there would be to do what we would do, so we should do it first and see what happens. He wasn’t happy, but listened to me anyway.
Michael did well for about 10 minutes after the breathing treatment, and then when I stood in his bathroom, I could hear his wheezing while he sat in his bed (a good 15 feet away). Thankfully, the pediatrician has a walk-in hour and I got all of us ready and off we went.
Michael had three breathing treatments within an hour and prednisone (spelling??). The doctor monitored how much oxygen he was getting and his heart rate. They were happy with his progress, so we were allowed to come home instead of going to the hospital to be admitted for monitoring. I was happy about that, but of course, if they would have said that is what we would have to do, I would have been there in a heartbeat. So, until tomorrow, I am to give him breathing treatments every 4 hours. I am even to wake him up throughout the night to do it. Tomorrow, I will take him back to the doctor for a check up.
What fun, huh? Poor little guy is really feeling much better and wants to run around, but I keep hollering at him to stop running and all that craziness. I’m glad to see he’s feeling better, but I don’t want him to have any problems because of it.
For someone who has only ever had two albuterol treatments within a 24 hour period, he’s doing well with the 8 he’s had within the last 24 hours. A little wild, but that’s to be expected. 😉
I’ll try to check in later, but don’t fret if you don’t hear from me. I’ll update when I can!
Hope YOU are having a fantastic, fantastic day. 🙂

Liss’s other boy…

Jesse McCartney, that is. He just annoys me more and more each day. I mean, do you HAVE to make such silly faces while you are singing? Come on, you’re like 14 or something….Get over yourself.

Ok, I’m done.