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I’ve got Lily in my possession…

Oh my good graciousness. Lily is amazing. For real for real.

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No soup for you!

Ok, did you know that the “No soup for you!” guy (Al Yeganeh) from Seinfeld really does have a soup place in New York City? And did you know that he’s getting ready to franchise it!? Check out this article about the upcoming franchise, and then check out the Soup Nazi’s site, too.

Fonts and such

You know, as a paper and digital scrapper, I really and truly love fonts. Yes, I get in a rut and like certain ones that I use nearly all the time, but I love, love, LOVE searching for a special one. But I will admit it…part of my love of fonts stems from the actual names of the fonts. So in the spirit of sharing, here are some of the most recent fonts that I absolutely love, just because of their names:

-Seven Monkey Fury
-BN Suck My Balls
-Even Badder Mofo
-Snotmaster V
-Expletive Deleted
-Discount Inferno (begging to be the title of a blog)
-FSO Incompetent Apprentice (yet another great blog title)

Ah, the joy of creative naming. Thanks for the smiles, you incredibly talented fontmasters!

Lily appears to be ‘stolen’

Some people are kooks~especially my friends. LOL

Anyway, for those of you who haven’t seen it yet, Lily is making an
appearance over at Go check ‘er out.

Sometimes you just can’t win.

I know, its shocking to hear, but its true.

So Michael is a total nut today. He can crank with the best of them, but this is so ridiculous that its REEDONKULOUS!! On top of his general ‘not feeling good’, the albuterol makes him have so much energy that he doesn’t know what to do with himself. Example: He’s standing by the couch, but his upper body is laying on it. He’s got a pucky in his mouth and twirling his hair (sure signs of tiredness) with his eyes closed. And his feet are running in place a hundred miles an hour! He can’t decide whether to be happy or sad, and that makes me sad for him.

On top of that, Michael was really looking forward to seeing Nannie today. She was going to come with my Aunt and Uncle on their way to Florida. Since my Uncle only has one lung, they decided it was too risky to come visit. I agree, but I’m disappointed. I really wanted them to see my house-but they can do that another time. The saddest part is that I made the mistake of telling Michael that we would be seeing Nannie today. Well, you can imagine what kind of turmoil he’s in. Its funny-I’m really good at ‘not telling’ things, but this one I told. Go figure, eh?

Now, he’s happy. Ok, that sounds funny, but let me tell you–I’ve been working on this page since 830 this morning…so its only two hours later… (where that rollie eye guy again??)

A little bit of craziness.

Michael has pneumonia! Poor little guy. He’s playing and having a grand time, but sheesh, it truly makes me feel like some neglectful mother. I mean, really, how does a three year old get PNEUMONIA?!?! Needlesstosay, I’m in shock. Oh, and now we are the proud owners of a nebulizer. Where’s my rolling eyes smiling when I need him?

So for those of you who are wondering where I am (you know who you are), I’m around but quietly as I get over the shock of it all.

(LOL, that all sounds very dramatic, don’t you think?? rofl, you know me-can’t be totally serious all the time).

For sarabryans to laugh….

Sara, in response to your awesome first photo of the day, I scanned this picture that sits in my scraproom. Its me and my cousin (who is getting married this summer) taken around 1984. 😉

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