Because…That’s What’s Up!

Miss me? I sure did miss YOU. I have a lot to catch up on (which is rather daunting and why this is so late in coming), are you ready to read? If you want the latest on what's going on with me, then just scroll (really far) down to the bottom of this post. ;)Let's take it all the way back to Easter weekend to start off, ok? That's where most of my drama was–actually the most drama I've had in a long time (not that I'm requesting more!).

Wednesday evening before Easter, we had a deck guy come to give us some plans and estimates for our deck/patio that we would like to put on the house this spring (May?). Needlesstosay, we have to get a home loan to do since we don't have massive cash lying around. Its exciting to finally be getting the deck, though-I really miss eating outside like we used to in Mount Airy at our old house. The next day, Michael and I hopped in the car and traveled up to visit my family in Latrobe. That night, Lori and I went out to dinner (Olive Garden, as usual, YUMMMM!!) and had a blast laughing about other friends being pregnant and them having unrealistic expectations about birth and life after birth. Hey, we all know life will change, right? Not some people, apparently. Friday evening, we waited up pretty late for Steve to arrive and have giggles before bedtime (for Michael), and my headache began. Saturday, I spent the entire ENTIRE ENTIRE day on the floor in the bathroom throwing up from the migraine pain. No fun. Easter morning, guess where I went? Yep, spent the morning in the hospital getting re-juiced and medicated. I ended up staying a day longer than usual, which was fine except then we missed seeing Steve before he left…fast forward to the following week…

Steve had to spend a few days in New York City and then on to Pittsfield, Massachusetts, and of course, Michael and I were just here recovering from the fantabulous events of Easter. We actually had a nice few days here waiting for Steve to come home, because Liss came to stay a night or two and Emily came out to stay on Friday night. I hadn’t seen Emily since Matt and Jenn’s wedding in November, so it was really nice to catch up with her. She’s a kook with Michael, so he loved having her here, too. The rest of that weekend was fairly uneventful, which was kinda nice after all the hubbub.

Last week was pretty crazy, too. Monday I had a midwife appointment-all looks good, although I can see my bp numbers getting higher each visit. They are still well within the normal range, but I am normally really low. Next time I get to do my glucose test, yeah, me! I hate the taste of that nasty orange drink, but its better than having to drink a coke. Our week was pretty normal for us. Busy, trying to be outside as much as possible for Michael’s sake (and my sanity) and trying to remain active. I’ve really started to feel huge and its funny. With Michael, I never looked like those pregnant ladies on tv who had a hard time standing up and sitting down, but with Piper, wow, I get stuck a lot, hehehe. She also likes to get into a weird spot so then I have to sit in a funny way. It looks like I’m in pain or something, but I’m not-just a small child stretching out! Friday, I took Michael to Latrobe because Steve and I went to Philly for a friend’s wedding reception. They had gotten married (when, I have no idea) earlier and so they were just having a cocktail reception to celebrate with family and friends. It was at the Philadelphia Art Alliance in Center City, Philadelphia and it was just gorgeous. They seem very happy and had a blast, to say the least. Sunday, we took the train back home and then I drove to Latrobe and had dinner with Lori. Olive Garden, yum…

And believe it or not, that brings us to this week. I know its only Wednesday, but so far, its been a really eventful week. Monday, I went to see a neurologist about my migraines and already I am treating my headaches better and I KNOW I warded off a migraine already since then. I’ve got a plan of action for while I’m pregnant and I‘ve got a different plan of action for after delivery that I feel very confident in. I’ve actually woken up three days in a row without a headache (which is unheard of for me). I’ve felt headaches or a migraine coming on each day, but managed to cut them all off at the pass. It may sound really really stupid, but…I’ve always tried to wait as long as possible before taking medicine because I knew the pain would get worse. Apparently, with headaches and migraines, once you get to a certain point in the headache, you have to tough it out-there is no medication that will take care of the pain. But, if you treat it when you first get the signs that you are about to get one, you can usually either decrease a migraine to a headache or plain get rid of it. WHO KNEW?! Like I said, I know it sounds stupid, but I know a few of you out there can relate to it. πŸ˜‰

Yesterday I took Michael to the dentist and he was ok. Just a check up, but it was his first and he was a little booger. He cried when I told him where we were and so on, but stopped before we got into the office. But he did not want to sit on my lap in that chair. Finally he cooperated, but not after squirming out of my lap twice and totally embarrassing me. Normally, I would have held on for dear life, but small child in stomach plus four year old with sneakers on kicking to get away do not equal fun. Once he cooperated, he was fine and even gave the ladies a few smiles. I made him promise not to act like that the next time we go for a check up. We’ll see how he does in six months…it will be interesting to go through that and have a tater tot in a car seat to watch it all, too. Hehehe, ah, well, such is life, right? Thankfully, Liss came over last night to chill and we went to the Bucks for a few minutes to grab a couple drinks. Just to get away from the house for a bit was refreshing.

The rest of this week will probably be pretty busy. I believe, but am not sure, that my in-laws will be coming for dinner tomorrow for us to celebrate my mother-in-law’s birthday that was on the first. Steve went to dinner with them and his brother and his brother’s family on Monday, but since Michael and I were traveling, we didn’t go. I asked him to invite them and he said yes, but I have no clue what details were set up, if any. Pretty typical. πŸ™‚ Friday is my birthday, and my parents and sister will be coming into town in the evening to visit and to pass on through. My parents are going to Florida for five or six days and I’m going to watch Sarah. Steve will be headed out to Leaders’ Club in Cali on Saturday, so it won’t be a big deal for Michael and I to be with Sarah while they are gone. Sunday is Owen’s birthday party, and we are really looking forward to that. Should be a good time.

Our summer schedule is in full effect, as usual. May will be over so soon and its barely started. June is completely completely booked and I refuse to book anything for July for fear of having the baby early. Plus, I gotta save some time somewhere to get the place ready for a new one, right?!

Well, if any of you have read this whole thing, thank you. You are very sweet. Now I’ve got to run, because I’ve got a krautload of stuff to get done before I pick up Michael from school. Talk to you later!


3 responses to “Because…That’s What’s Up!

  1. Hey busy lady! Take some time for yourself, would ya!? πŸ˜‰ Love ya!!!

  2. WOW! You need to be relaxing in a hammock, being waited on hand and foot! Hope things slow down for you soon lovey πŸ™‚

  3. Catching up on some blog reading myself. Glad to hear that you’re busy. Can’t wait to see your pictures of the deck as it progresses.

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