Looking For Me?

Looking for me? You can look for me at any of these places:

Family Life:


  • My Cell Moblog: Check out the happenings that are going on while we’re out and about on the town. Remember, though-they are cell phone pictures, so they aren’t high quality, and tend to be a little goofy!
  • My flickr: Every so often, I update my my flickr account with recent photos. Usually I post a link in a message on here when I update it, but feel free to go check out some of my pics!


  • MySpace: You have a MySpace, I have a MySpace, we all have a MySpace!
  • My TagWorld: You hate MySpace? Well, then, REBEL! Get thee a TagWorld account! I’m still working on mine.


  • What I’m Listening To: Check out what I most recently listened to on iTunes, and see what my musical likes are. Maybe sign up, too and add me as a friend and recommend me some good tunes?



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