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I can’t believe the devastation that Katrina has brought to so many people. Its horrible-so many places look like a bomb went off and then the flooding is overwhelming. I am so sad for all of those people. I am so sad for all the history that will be lost when the flood waters receed. Having been to New Orleans only once, I fell in love with the city immediately. I told Steve time and time again that I wanted to move there and live in the French Quarter. I can only wonder if I will ever get to return there and what it will be like at that point. I know, its very selfish, but my love for New Orleans can’t be helped. I can honestly say that I can barely watch tv or even check the news on because I cry each time I see how much is gone. My prayers and thoughts are will ALL of the people who have been affected by Katrina. I can only hope that somehow we will be able to find homes and lives for these poor people again.


I knew it!!!

In a Past Life…

You Were: An Evil Mathematician.
Where You Lived: Portugal.
How You Died: In Childbirth.


Who, me??

Which internet subculture do I belong to? [CLICK]
You are a Conspiracy Theorist!
Holy cow! You actually did an online quiz? Little did you realise that the information you gave us is being sent to an unknown government agency for evil use against you! Don’t try to leave, we are already watching.
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New PostSecret is up!

Ok, I have really enjoyed this site from the minute I saw it, but once I realized the guy that runs it lives right up the road from me, it became ‘part of my family’. LOL, not sure how he would feel about that….Anyway, new Post Secret is up! Go check it out!

Colon perforation…shocker?

Um, yeah. If anyone could say that they would ever be shocked that someone would get a perforated colon from having anal sex with a horse, please be sure to tell me.

Seattle Man Dies After Having Sex With A Horse


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