I was tagged!

Lisa tagged me!

favorite color: taupe (more on the brownish greyish pinkish side, LOL)
word i most like to be described as: good
best meal i cook: artichoke dip and dijon chicken
favorite dessert: frozen brownie dough or frozen hoho’s
favorite movie: mallrats…or contact…or…
favorite outfit: currently? jean skirt and a tank top (gotta love preggo outfits)
usually in bed by: 9 when i’m pregnant, otherwise, i might splurge until 1030ish 😉
favorite sounds: ocean
i wish: ummmm…
what i crave: anything cold
surround me with: happiness

Now, it’s your turn:


One response to “I was tagged!

  1. No wonder we get along so well…polar opposites….good vs evil. 😀

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