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Well, its time to move along.

I’m sorry to disrupt your links, but I’ve decided to move to my own domain. My blog has moved to here. Please come check me out there. Thanks!


Thursday Thirteen Volume #1

Thursday Thirteen
So have you seen this Thursday Thirteen stuff going around? It’s easy-and hard at the same time. Case in point: You do it every Thursday (hard to remember?), you create the theme (hard to come up with good ideas on what to use?), then list thirteen things that fall under that theme (easy? hard? not sure!). I think its a cool way to get to know people, but the best part is that you don’t tag others to do it, so you really are just doing it to share. I think its cool. I wish more people would do it, too-its really neat to see what people come up with to share and its an insight into what’s going on in your world. Ok, I’m rambling…Here’s my Thursday Thirteen for today…

Volume #1: Thirteen Things Within Three Feet Of Me Right Now

    1}    Piper
    2}    Laptop
    3}    Telephone
    4}    Venti Soy Chai a la Starbucks
    5}    iPod
    6}    Pucky (pacifier for Piper)
    7}    Pillow
    8}    Dispatches From The Edge by Anderson Cooper
    9}    A note to remind Steve about fixing our health insurance to include Piper
    10}    Pen
    11}    Journal
    12}    Burp cloth
    13}    Swedish fish

I was tagged!

Do you believe it? Andrea tagged me!

So here are the rules: List seven songs you are into right now. No matter what the genre, whether or not they have words, or even if they’re not any good, but the must be songs you’re really enjoying now. Post these instructions in your blog along with your seven songs. Then tag seven other people to see what they’re listening to.
My seven songs:
1 Beverly Hills
2 Toxic Girl
3 My Doorbell
4 Lose Control
5 AM Radio
6 Punk Rock Girl
7 Sao Paulo
Seven People I’m Passing the Tag to:
1 Liss
2 Lisa
3 James
4 Sara
5 Jessica
6 Norman
7 Stephanie

Technology has been driving me crazy lately

As per usual in our house, after hearing the bad news about Steve Irwin, we decided to go spend some money to try to make ourselves feel better. We went to The Great Indoors, which is an amazing place of home loveliness. (They are so grand that they even have a Starbucks inside!) We bought some new drinking glasses and a food processor. I’ve been wanting a food processor for months, and we finally broke down and bought one. Now I have to put it to use! LOL
After The Great Indoors, we went to Best Buy and I got an iPod shuffle to put audiobooks and music on for the kids. I was so excited to get it going when we got home, but of course, having two kids…well, I didn’t even get to open it until yesterday. So I spent all day yesterday trying to not only get the shuffle started for the kids, but to also update our family website, the Crazy Crawfords. Needlestosay, it was a frustrating day for me. Talk about craziness: the .mac servers were down and then I had errors upon errors trying to publish when they seemed to be working, AND my iTunes would recognize that the shuffle was connected, but wouldn’t add any of my songs to the actual shuffle. Finally, at 10:30 last night, I managed to get the shuffle working. And as of right now, some of the Crazy Crawfords website is updated and online. Some parts are having issues and I will have to deal with them, but right now, my brains are more like refried beans than technogeekyloveliness. Oi.
I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’m betting that you know how much fun it is when technology pokes fun at you…

Still pregnant, are you surprised?

I really had an hour last night when I thought to myself, “Self, this might be it!” Then I fell asleep and woke up another hour later with no pain left. What a bummer.
I did have my 40 week midwife appointment today (yes, my due date is August 12th-Saturday-but they have so many women due this week and next that they were actually doublebooking their appointments and this was the last one left!).
Today I got to meet with the director of the birthing center, Jan, who was so helpful during our last pregnancy and loss. She looked at me and said, “So what do you want to do? Are we inducing or waiting it out another week?” I nearly burst into tears while I told her all my thoughts from how bad I want to see that this little girl is ok to I don’t want to mess too much with nature (what if she’s NOT ready to come out for some strange reason??) to how much I am in pain to not wanting to ‘jinx’ anything by inducing. She said that based on all the info of this pregnancy that they have, this baby could go either way and be just fine. So, together, we decided that IF this baby doesn’t come by then, I will be induced next Thursday. So worse comes to worse, I only have one more week of this left.
We both laughed and said that now that I have my ‘walking papers’, she’ll probably decide to come on her own. I opted NOT to have an exam today to see if there was any changes, because I figure, it really doesn’t matter, right? Perhaps this will help get me going. In the meantime, I plan on walking more tonight as long as its not raining.
Ok, I just wanted to update you guys so you know what’s going down over here. I know you’re waiting with baited breath…LOL
Seriously, I wanted to say thanks for all the words of encouragement you guys have left here. You rock. I totally appreciate it!

Well, its a full moon tonight…

So, I’m hoping that the pull of the moon will get my labor going. Days of contractions off an on are tiring me. Frankly, I’m a little pissy right now about the whole thing. I just want her here so I can see her and know that she’s healthy. Heck, I’m at the point where if she could just come out for a little bit so I can check her out, she could go back in if she wanted to… LOL

Anyway, for those of you out there, send me painful, regular contraction vibes, ok?

I’m outtie, unlike some people’s kids… 😉

Oh, sure, gang up on me! Hahahaha!

Don’t you all know a watched pot never boils?? You all make me laugh! Between Liss calling to see if I’m in labor and James siding with Lisa, its a wonder I’m still hormonally semi-balanced! You crazy kooks make me laugh! Thanks for the smiles, guys!

Yesterday was a great day-I got so much done! Steve and Michael went to Annapolis to celebrate Granddad’s birthday and I stayed here. The night before, I ot all my 2004 negatives filed (yeah, me!) and I managed to finish my 2005 negatives yesterday while the boys were gone. I also got parts of the house cleaned up (including my scrapbook room, which is a MAJOR event including reorganizing and decided to give things away that I will never use), and even some scrapbooking done. Once the guys got back, I spent the rest of the evening with Michael, just hanging out. I spent most of my evening talking to Lisa on the phone, which was really nice. Even though I spent most of the time complaining, she listened and commiserated. Thanks, girl!

Michael went off to school today and is home already. We are waiting for his Grandma to arrive. They are having a sleepover tonight. Michael wants her to sleep on his trundle, but I don’t know if she will do that or sleep in the guest room. She’d be much more comfy in the guest room, although I must say that Michael’s trundle is pretty comfy itself. Steve is pulling some semi-late nihts this week studying for his test on Friday, so we won’t see him until close to Michael’s bedtime tonight. While Genie is here, I am hoping to get more stuff done around the house while she and Michael play. We’ll see how it goes. Its so stinking hot here that I hate to send them outside on the playground for fear of heatstroke. We’ll see.

Here’s my list for the day (you can skip, this is for my own benefit, LOL):

DONE -Pack hospital bag
DONE -Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car
DONE -Get baby bathtub cleaned up and put into the bathroom

DONE-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present

DONE -Photobook 06 part 1: Upload Jan-Mar photos
DONE -Photobook 06 part 2: Upload Apr-Jun photos – FINISH JUNE PHOTOS
DONE -Photobook 06 part 3: Order book

-Videos to DVDs
DONE -Photos away 2004
DONE -Negatives away 2004
DONE-Negatives away 2005
DONE-Photos away 2005
-Negatives away 2003

-Call electrician (Brian?) re: outlets and ceiling fans
-Call fireplace place to get maintenance done
-Call about siding replacement

-Replace a/c filters (ask Steve if we need to purchase them or do we have some?)
-Replace smoke detector batteries (purchase at least six 9Vs)
-Replace any lights that are burnt out
-Storage: carseat base, big swing, travel swing, vibrating chair, red playmat
-Cleanup items out of storage: swings, etc.

Other major projects:
DONE -Scraproom
-Computer room
-Purge toys
-Purge pantry
-Purge my closet

I’m off to get some phone numbers, etc so I can make phone calls in the morning. I’ll check in later! Hope you’re all having a great day!