Thursday Thirteen Volume #1

Thursday Thirteen
So have you seen this Thursday Thirteen stuff going around? It’s easy-and hard at the same time. Case in point: You do it every Thursday (hard to remember?), you create the theme (hard to come up with good ideas on what to use?), then list thirteen things that fall under that theme (easy? hard? not sure!). I think its a cool way to get to know people, but the best part is that you don’t tag others to do it, so you really are just doing it to share. I think its cool. I wish more people would do it, too-its really neat to see what people come up with to share and its an insight into what’s going on in your world. Ok, I’m rambling…Here’s my Thursday Thirteen for today…

Volume #1: Thirteen Things Within Three Feet Of Me Right Now

    1}    Piper
    2}    Laptop
    3}    Telephone
    4}    Venti Soy Chai a la Starbucks
    5}    iPod
    6}    Pucky (pacifier for Piper)
    7}    Pillow
    8}    Dispatches From The Edge by Anderson Cooper
    9}    A note to remind Steve about fixing our health insurance to include Piper
    10}    Pen
    11}    Journal
    12}    Burp cloth
    13}    Swedish fish


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