Change that oil every 3000 miles!*

*I preface this preface to tell you that this title means nothing in particular, it was just something I thought of while typing up my post. I could have named this post “The goggles, they do nothing!” but decided to save that for some other time. I also could have used the titles “Mindless rambles”, “Thoughts of a poli sci major while watching silly people on CNN”, or even “Are you sure you want to read this?” Alas, “Change that oil every 3000 miles!” won out.

I preface this post with a pre-blurb stating that I may not have time to finish this post the way that I want to if “The Littlest Peanut” of the house wakes up from her nap. But unlike some people (who make pre-blurbs such as this fashionable) who have a lot to post, I will post whatever I get done before the six week old siren calls. Yeah, Liss, I couldn’t resist the callout on your latest post (made possible by me and another troublemaker ganging up on her)!

So this post is definitely going to be a mishmash of thoughts that I’ve had throughout the day, and of course, feel the need to blather on about to you crazy kooks. Dare I say welcome to the ramblings of a stay at home mom who is rather addicted to CNN and the local headlines? Ah, heck, you guys can hack it: ¡Recepción a mi mente torcida, mis amigos!

Today while Michael was at school, I spent most of my time on the phone with the previously mentioned troublemaker. I must admit, its nice to have someone to ‘hang out’ with during the day again, but Lisa, I will definitely be happy for you when you get a new job. Even if it does give me more abandonment and rejection issues. Speaking of such issues, Liss…I would like to officially thank you for giving me additional doses of these issues today while you decide to go on a business trip instead of being with me. Perhaps I should truly direct my thanks towards the Storming Rhinoceros? Anyway, hope you have a good trip, even if I do need therapy because of it, LOL.

So, today I was watching President Bush meet with Palestinian leader Abbas (front row thanks to CNN), and I was reminded of thoughts I had as poli sci major in college about the control that interpreters have over politics. What if they tell something wrong or put inflection on wrong word, etc. I mean, sure, we think they were saying nice things to each other, but maybe they were actually telling each other that they enjoy goats when their wives are out of town? They sure smiled like it…SMILED, not SMELLED!! LOL Then while watching Venezuala’s Chavez speak to reporters, I wondered-who is the chic who keeps getting up and whispering in his ear? Its freaking annoying. And by the way, if he thinks he’s the only one that thinks Bush is the devil, he’s probably not up on current events. I doubt he’s alone. Oh, and accusing Washington of being all about “domination and exploitation”…um, isn’t that what the American dream boils down to half the time? LOL By the way, I like those little boxes they put on their ears so they can understand what the reporters are saying. Very fashionable, Señor Chavez. And my last political blurb of the day. Lisa, talk about synchronicity…weren’t we just talking about votes not counting? Add this to my list of reasons.

Ok, the ‘nut is awake, so I have to go for now, but rest assured that I have much more to add. Here is a preview for you:
-People with issues
-Reasons to have your back to the wall
-A Starbucks Character: En Fuego Man
-Random thoughts about the way things are in the boonies
-Favorite commercials
-Why I love wireless cell phone earpieces

And now for a brief interlude. I will return as soon as I can. Sing with me now:

“Seems like the wrath of the gods got a punch in the nose and it started to flow, I think I might be sinking! Throw me a line, if I reach it in time, I’ll meet you up there where the path runs straight and high.” (Zep, Going to California)


2 responses to “Change that oil every 3000 miles!*

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  2. you are my rock… thanks for the menage a trois… though i still want you ALL to myself 😀

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