Last night I had a great idea for a blog entry

Last night when I was laying in bed, I had a great idea for a blog entry. Seriously, I was laying here and I thought, man, CanuckNicole, my little Wingnut, will be so happy to read that entry-it was one of those that she said always made her giggle because only I wrote that way. You know, one of those obscure, did you ever wonder/here comes insight from Stacie kind of entries. I was so excited about it. This morning, I remembered, but never had time to actually sit down and do anything about it (two kids and babysitting another four year old will do that to ya!). So here I am, sitting in bed wondering what the hell my damn insights were.
Its funny, I used to write down my insights anytime anywhere on anything. Now that I have a very small child attached to me, I don’t get a chance to write so much. I need to remedy that. Also, now that things are simmering down at home and we are getting into a kind of routine (you know how everything changes every week or so when you have a child under the age of one–just as you get used to one thing, they switch it up on you!), I want to start going back to Starbucks to see where all my peeps have gone.
Oh, I’m not talking about all my superbaristas who have moved on to other jobs (that would be a shout out to Big Mike and Devilman!), nor about my lovelyladybaristas who are still working there and making me fantabulous chai! I’m talking about those famous people like Liss’s Little Person, the woman previously known as the “vile Oriental woman” who chewed like a cow, but is now known as the “vile Asian woman” since my husband informed me that calling an Asian person Oriental is rude and should be reserved only for carpets (who knew?!), and of course, my Dallas Cowboys man. I mean, I need to see if these people are still showing up there and doing their normal daily routine. I’m sure there are a few new characters there waiting for me to document and share with the rest of you. The last time I was there, I had Piper with me, so the girls were oohing and ahhing over her, but there was one person who I could tell was now a regular. I realized I was out of the loop when one of the girls called him by name and started really having a conversation with him. I thought of you, my blog audience of millions, waiting and wondering when I would ever update you on my ‘Bucks people. I have let you down severely over the past few months. I realized that this man would make a wonderful entry on the Starbucks Slate, and that I need to research him more in depth. But to whet your whistle, let me tell you how I knew you would want to know about him…
He looked rather disheveled and had shorts on that screamed the 80’s. He looked perhaps late 40’s with wild light curly hair. I think he had a striped shirt on, or perhaps the 80’s shorts just made me THINK he had a striped shirt on, not sure…Anyway, when asked how he was doing, his response was “I haven’t slept in days!” THAT, my dear audience, was how I knew that this man was for you. Yes, indeed. Not sleeping for days? Oh, there’s GOT to be a story behind THAT one! Luckily for you, since they knew his name, he comes in there regularly. I have made it my mission to find out more about this one for you. Special present, isn’t it?
One more note before I go…Just so you know, there are a few normal people that spend time at my ‘Bucks. Two older men are there almost every single time I go and they are both friendly and rather normal…so far.


2 responses to “Last night I had a great idea for a blog entry

  1. Yay, more on the ‘Bucks blogging. Pretty soon we’re gonna have to do a hall of fame for your characters. 😉

  2. Hehehehehe…can’t wait to read more on the ‘bucks people. These always crack me up. Maybe I should go in and spend some time in our Starbucks. I usually use the drive thru.

    Miss you, Stacie!!!! Love the pics of you guys. That Piper is one sweet little one!!!

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