Technology has been driving me crazy lately

As per usual in our house, after hearing the bad news about Steve Irwin, we decided to go spend some money to try to make ourselves feel better. We went to The Great Indoors, which is an amazing place of home loveliness. (They are so grand that they even have a Starbucks inside!) We bought some new drinking glasses and a food processor. I’ve been wanting a food processor for months, and we finally broke down and bought one. Now I have to put it to use! LOL
After The Great Indoors, we went to Best Buy and I got an iPod shuffle to put audiobooks and music on for the kids. I was so excited to get it going when we got home, but of course, having two kids…well, I didn’t even get to open it until yesterday. So I spent all day yesterday trying to not only get the shuffle started for the kids, but to also update our family website, the Crazy Crawfords. Needlestosay, it was a frustrating day for me. Talk about craziness: the .mac servers were down and then I had errors upon errors trying to publish when they seemed to be working, AND my iTunes would recognize that the shuffle was connected, but wouldn’t add any of my songs to the actual shuffle. Finally, at 10:30 last night, I managed to get the shuffle working. And as of right now, some of the Crazy Crawfords website is updated and online. Some parts are having issues and I will have to deal with them, but right now, my brains are more like refried beans than technogeekyloveliness. Oi.
I know I shouldn’t complain, but I’m betting that you know how much fun it is when technology pokes fun at you…


3 responses to “Technology has been driving me crazy lately

  1. When technology irritates me, I just beat it with a stick until 100% compliance is achieved. But, I’m guessing since you got it at Best Buy, your warranty sucks the big one, so your best bet would be… *puts on his tech support person’s cap, just ‘cuz* to RTFM. 🙂

  2. LOL, too funny! I like your cap! hehehe

  3. Oh we won’t even talk about how MY technology screws with me. (Got any cotton balls and Pringles cans? LOL)

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