Well, its a full moon tonight…

So, I’m hoping that the pull of the moon will get my labor going. Days of contractions off an on are tiring me. Frankly, I’m a little pissy right now about the whole thing. I just want her here so I can see her and know that she’s healthy. Heck, I’m at the point where if she could just come out for a little bit so I can check her out, she could go back in if she wanted to… LOL

Anyway, for those of you out there, send me painful, regular contraction vibes, ok?

I’m outtie, unlike some people’s kids… 😉


2 responses to “Well, its a full moon tonight…

  1. Hey, keep hanging in there–those 2:30 feedings aren’t too far off! 🙂 Good to hear from you in any event, and glad to hear you’re alright, minus contractions. Best wishes, Stacie.

  2. Good, strong, painless contraction vibes heading your way my girl!!! I so hope little girl doesn’t make you wait much longer. Love you!!!

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