Oh, sure, gang up on me! Hahahaha!

Don’t you all know a watched pot never boils?? You all make me laugh! Between Liss calling to see if I’m in labor and James siding with Lisa, its a wonder I’m still hormonally semi-balanced! You crazy kooks make me laugh! Thanks for the smiles, guys!

Yesterday was a great day-I got so much done! Steve and Michael went to Annapolis to celebrate Granddad’s birthday and I stayed here. The night before, I ot all my 2004 negatives filed (yeah, me!) and I managed to finish my 2005 negatives yesterday while the boys were gone. I also got parts of the house cleaned up (including my scrapbook room, which is a MAJOR event including reorganizing and decided to give things away that I will never use), and even some scrapbooking done. Once the guys got back, I spent the rest of the evening with Michael, just hanging out. I spent most of my evening talking to Lisa on the phone, which was really nice. Even though I spent most of the time complaining, she listened and commiserated. Thanks, girl!

Michael went off to school today and is home already. We are waiting for his Grandma to arrive. They are having a sleepover tonight. Michael wants her to sleep on his trundle, but I don’t know if she will do that or sleep in the guest room. She’d be much more comfy in the guest room, although I must say that Michael’s trundle is pretty comfy itself. Steve is pulling some semi-late nihts this week studying for his test on Friday, so we won’t see him until close to Michael’s bedtime tonight. While Genie is here, I am hoping to get more stuff done around the house while she and Michael play. We’ll see how it goes. Its so stinking hot here that I hate to send them outside on the playground for fear of heatstroke. We’ll see.

Here’s my list for the day (you can skip, this is for my own benefit, LOL):

DONE -Pack hospital bag
DONE -Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car
DONE -Get baby bathtub cleaned up and put into the bathroom

DONE-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present

DONE -Photobook 06 part 1: Upload Jan-Mar photos
DONE -Photobook 06 part 2: Upload Apr-Jun photos – FINISH JUNE PHOTOS
DONE -Photobook 06 part 3: Order book

-Videos to DVDs
DONE -Photos away 2004
DONE -Negatives away 2004
DONE-Negatives away 2005
DONE-Photos away 2005
-Negatives away 2003

-Call electrician (Brian?) re: outlets and ceiling fans
-Call fireplace place to get maintenance done
-Call about siding replacement

-Replace a/c filters (ask Steve if we need to purchase them or do we have some?)
-Replace smoke detector batteries (purchase at least six 9Vs)
-Replace any lights that are burnt out
-Storage: carseat base, big swing, travel swing, vibrating chair, red playmat
-Cleanup items out of storage: swings, etc.

Other major projects:
DONE -Scraproom
-Computer room
-Purge toys
-Purge pantry
-Purge my closet

I’m off to get some phone numbers, etc so I can make phone calls in the morning. I’ll check in later! Hope you’re all having a great day!


2 responses to “Oh, sure, gang up on me! Hahahaha!

  1. Well, yeah… I gotta go with the majority, here. And since Lisa was the only one who voiced an opinion… *snickers*

    Besides, you’ve stopped denying it. 🙂

  2. Woohoo!! The bag is packed and the carseat is ready to go. 🙂 Now that’s what I’m talkin’ bout!!
    So glad I could halp pass the time sweetie… just wish I could be there in person to do it.

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