Miss Lisa, I’m not in denial!

So I was talking to Lisa briefly today before she had to go take Wesley to a party (where’s my invite, eh?), and she said that she thinks that I’m in denial that I’m pregnant based on my to do lists. She said all the things that needed to be done to bring the baby home aren’t getting done, but all the other stuff is. LMAO, she’s such a hoot! We laughed about how crazy pregnant women are, especially when they start nesting. For example, while I’ve been trying to get photos uploaded to get printed out in a book, I decided that NOW is the time to get all my photo negatives from 2004 put into archival sheets. Um, yeah….I’m a loon, but I’m going to blame it on hormones (while I can, LOL).
For those of you who want a truly informative update on the pregnancy, here it is. For the rest of you who want to avoid it, please skip ahead to the next paragraph. I’ve been having contractions on and off for the past week. It seems like just as they start to get regular, they peter out. It licks. I’m dilated and effaced, although of course not the whole way, and the midwives keep telling me it will be any minute now. Like they know. I was 3 cm dilated with Michael for weeks before I ever had him, so I feel that being dilated and effaced don’t mean too much until you’re in pain. 😉 Anyway, I’ve been talking to Piper and telling her that we’re all ready for her, but she’s being stubborn, like her mother. Hehehe.
My peanut, Michael, has been having to have quite a few breathing treatments over the past two weeks. No more than one or two a day, with potentially a few days in between, but still it bothers me. Steve wants me to ask the doctor for a puffer for him for an emergency, but he doesn’t seem to understand that the breathing treatments ARE the emergency treatment. Michael is too little for a puffer, and the doctors won’t consider him truly asthmatic until he has to have more than four treatments a day for several days in a row to help him feel better. Even at the very worst, Michael has never had more than two treatments in a day. And now time for a rant: The craziest part about it is that when Steve gets freaked out about all this stuff, it makes me feel like the worst mother in the world. Does he EVER say that? NEVER. Its just that I take things personally, even when it doesn’t make sense to. So then, who is the one who talks to the doctors, etc? ME. Not the one freaking out about it all. For me, if I can talk to my dad and he tells me that things are all good, I have faith in the treatment. Steve also appreciates my dad’s input, but for some reason, he just freaks out more about stuff than I do…which is funny since I’m the emotional one and he’s the laid back one. Ok, I’m done ranting/rambling on that one…
I think tonight will be a relatively early night. Big surprise, huh?
Ok, I’m off to try to finish some ‘chores’ and then going to put the little guy to sleep. Have a great night!


2 responses to “Miss Lisa, I’m not in denial!

  1. I’m going to be somewhat more cruel than usual and side with Lisa here–thou art in denial! Of course, now that you know why I said that you can feel free to ignore it, and/or curse me out for the next week; whatever makes ya feel good. 🙂

    This is just me taking a random guess at it, but to me, that doesn’t sound all too much beyond a normal reaction… lord knows I hear conversations along those lines with my parents frequently, and about more than just medical things. I call it the hundred thousand did you’s syndrome. It’ll irritate the hell out of you, but it’s all on account of he wasn’t there. He doesn’t know what was said so you’re gonna get all kinds of “well, did you ask?” and “isn’t there something else?” Call it a necessary evil, I guess. LOL

    It’s amazing the stuff you learn about married folk without actually *being* married. 🙂

  2. Well you are in denial… aren’t you? 😉 Seriously, you know I’m just teasing you! There’s so much to do and she’ll arrive when she’s ready. No telling when that may be, but I hope for your sake it’s soon.

    Sorry I missed you this afternoon. 😦 Got sucked into the job search and by the time I looked at the clock it was too late.

    Hope Mike’s doing okay and enjoyed the movie! Will call tomorrow to check in. 🙂

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