More To Do’s

Beware, this is a post for me, so it will be boring to you. Its just my latest TO DO List…With a few things carried over from the last post…

DONE -Paypal cash to Andrea
DONE -Write out phone list to take to hospital/give copy to Steve

-Pack hospital bag
-Get carseat cleaned up and ready to go in the car
-Get baby bathtub cleaned up and put in the kids’ bathroom

-Scrapbooking part 1: Get some more layouts done from 2005 pictures
ORDERED -Scrapbooking part 2: Get the rest of my 05 pictures printed
-Scrapbooking part 3: Get some more layouts done for my SIL’s birthday present

-Photobook 06 part 1: Upload Jan-Mar photos
-Photobook 06 part 2: Upload Apr-Jun photos
-Photobook 06 part 3: Order book

DONE -Scrapbooking 06 part 1: Jan-Mar photos: Choose photos to print/scrap
DONE -Scrapbooking 06 part 2: Apr-Jun photos: Choose photos to print/scrap
ORDERED -Scrapbooking 06 part 3: Get Jan-Jun photos printed

-Call electrician (Brian?) re: outlets and ceiling fans
-Call fireplace place to get maintenance done
-Call about siding replacement

-Ask Steve to replace a/c filters (ask Steve if we need to purchase them or do we have some?)
-Ask Steve to replace smoke detector batteries (me: purchase at least six 9Vs)

DONE -Purchase baptism present for Calvin (holy late-he was baptized on Father’s Day!!)
DONE -Purchase present for Betsy’s baby girl and mail it off to her

DONE -SF goodies: mail out goodies to Michele, Julie, and Renee; CJ’s to Sara
DONE -TY’s to Amy, Sandy, and Genie (stamps in wallet)

-Videos to DVDs
-Photos away to proper places

Oh yes, and in addition to these ‘normal’ things, I’ve got major projects that I want to do, too, like:

-Purge the TOYS!
-Clean out the ‘computer room’, including getting boxes taken downstairs
-Clean up my scraproom
-Purge the pantry
-Purge my closet
-Get the rest of our items out of storage
-Clean out the basement

Yeah, so we’ll see if they get done or not….Lists, lists, lists, too many lists…


2 responses to “More To Do’s

  1. Holy, girl. Gonna have to actually schedule yourself some time to just vegitate at this rate. And she isn’t even born yet… 🙂

  2. I think you’re in denial. 😉 Seems like you’re working on all the stuff that isn’t in prep for peanut.

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