And now for some political commentary

So, I was just sitting here seeing what was going on in the world, and just HAD to make some comments before I got back to my list of things to do.

TOTAL CRAP: Andrea Yates found NOT GUILTY? WTF??

Gotta love when this is going on: MidEast Battles Continue, that somehow this is just as important: Lance Bass Comes Out (and its not like any of us are surprised, right??)


I have mixed feelings about this story: Wild Horses Make Annual Crossing Then Get Auctioned Off.
Apparently, someone else has mixed feelings rolling around, too: Big Bubba’s “Latent Homosexuality”.

Ok, I’m done, I’ve got to go get a special toy out of the car for the little man, and then its back to work for me.


2 responses to “And now for some political commentary

  1. It’s good to see your commentary again! Love the new pics of the house too. 🙂

  2. Awesome blog. Thou hast made my regular reading list. Oh, and I’d just like to point out I’m in complete agreement. Assuming, of course, your opinion includes the “by reason of insanity” part of the virdict.

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