What’s the plan, Stan?

The plan is to try to chill for a bit. I swear.

Mom and Sarah are on their way here for a few days to help me clear out some of Michael’s old clothes and toys and to get things finalized for the littlest peanut to arrive. They should be here shortly, and then I will go pick up Michael from school. It will be nice to have some company for a bit.

This morning has been pretty busy for me. After I dropped Michael off at school, I went to the Rockville post office to get boxes and send out goodies that scrappers won during the Scrapforums birthday crops. This is a huge post office, and would you believe that they had ZERO boxes. WTF?? “We ran out yesterday.” Um, hello?? How does one run out of shipping supplies when thou art a shipper?? (sorry, angry pregnant lady came out there for a minute) So I went to Target, because I wanted to get some more items for Piper–specifically, I wanted child size hangers, a closet organizer/system/something, and a small side table for beside the rocker in her room. I figured I would buy packing supplies while I was there. Total tool me couldn’t find ANY of these things. So I bought two movies and box of Ho Ho’s. I was so ticked off that I couldn’t find shipping stuff that I drove straight to Staples and bought my shipping stuff there. Normally, I don’t buy from Staples because they are so ridiculously priced up that its not worth it. This time, they were my knight in shining armour. Rock on, Staples! At that point, I managed to get a hold of Liss who was FINALLY out of her meeting (I’m not sure why she thinks her work meetings are more important than talking to me on the phone…LOL) and I ended up going to Starbucks to get us drinks. After I delivered her drink, I went to my normal post office, packed and addressed all my packages and sent them out. I promptly drove home, and VOILA! Here I am! 🙂 So it was a pretty busy morning, but I’m really happy that I got my parcels mailed off-one less thing to do, right?

I have to tell you something that happened to me while at Starbucks. (Not the normal Bucks at the Land of the Little People, this is a different one.) I was walking in while a mom of two young boys was walking out. I held the door-which is usual for me, even if I have Michael with me. I figure it sets a good example for him, and besides its just nice to do it for other people. Anyway, I digress…The mom was very sweet and said thank you and congratulations to me. I laughed-so many people ignore the bigbuddhabelly for fear that you are just fat and not pregnant-and said thank you. Two men my age were walking in at the same time I was. The one closest to me did not ‘take the door out of my hands’ and the other one was too far away to reach. No big deal, as I had a firm hold of it, but I was kind of suprised, since he was so close to me. Anyway, the coolest thing was that when I was walking out, the other guy was right behind me and held both sets of doors open for me to walk out. I said thank you, smiled and kept on going. When I got outside, he turned around and went back inside the Bucks! I couldn’t believe that this guy was so polite to go out of his way just to open a door for me. I think its fabulous that there are men out there who are truly polite and generous. Someone taught him well, and I appreciate it.

Well, I guess that’s it for now…I am going to chill for a few before Mom and Sarah get here. Hope you’re having a wonderful day!


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