So what’s new?

Bunny For Piper

A couple of people asked for some pictures from the baby shower, so if you click on my flickr pictures to the left, you can see them or you can click here to see them. These pictures are just of a couple of the clothes that Piper got.

Right now, I am waiting for Liss to get here. Michael is in school (much to his dismay), so I’m going to force her to look at all the goodies I got for Piper. Then I don’t know what we’re going to do. We’ll see what she wants to get into today.

I am hoping to scrap a bit this week. I have a TON TON TON (read: shitton) of pictures to catch up on before Piper gets here. I know I will not really get caught up, but that’s ok. I want to at least make an effort at it! Its been so long (February) since I paper scrapped. I need a weekend to just sit down and do it…

The Scrapforums birthday crop has been going great-there was a ton of participation, and tomorrow morning we’ll have a listing of all the winners over at the site.

Ok, I hear a car in the driveway, I better get going. Talk to you soon!


One response to “So what’s new?

  1. OMG! They’re all so damn little!! The coming home and hoochie outfits are my favorite. 🙂

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