A short update

The week in Florida, followed by a week in Ocean City, followed by a few days in Latrobe equals a really wiped out pregnant lady who is so far behind its not even funny. If you’ve seen the Crazy Crawfords site, then you know that I’ve gotten some updates up on the web about what we’ve been up to. But perhaps you are wondering what’s going on with me, me, me?
Well, I’m about 35 weeks along at this point, which means I only have five weeks to get things ready for Piper (assuming she doesn’t arrive earlier-or later, for that matter!). Today, Mom and I went out to try to get ideas for things for a baby shower that is going on this weekend for me in Maryland, and I wanted to look for bedding for Piper’s room. Well, we managed to get ideas and buy just a few (ok, a lot!) of little cute outfits for Piper. We went to a second store that was more like a boutique and I found ‘THE PERFECT BEDDING’. Except for two things: it would take eight weeks to get here (unless I bought the floor model, which would have been fine, since it was only a few days old) and more importantly, it cost $1200!!!! HOLY KRAUT!!!! If you want to see a picture click here and scroll down to Latte Kisses. Latte Hugs is the blue version of the same design. Yes, I fell in love with it-it looks even better in person, but REALLY, how can you pay that much for a bumper, quilt, sheet, and bedskirt?! Apparently the person who creates these gorgeous pieces of bedding does the bedding for all “the Stars” (you can even see a picture of Slash and his newest little one on their news page). Anyway…so now I am starting all over looking at bedding…and its all too girly. So we’ll see what we find…
I am feeling huge lately, but everyone seems to think I am really small. The only thing I can say is that with Michael I gained nearly 60 pounds and so far I’ve only gained 30 (with five weeks to go, though, so more will be packing on, I’m sure). Piper moves around a lot, and likes to have hour to two hour rounds of hiccups at 4 in the morning. I’m really looking forward to meeting this little one and seeing what kind of personality she will have. I’m getting really excited, and today I bought my first thing for her. Heck, with Michael, we started buying asap, but fear of jinxing has kept me from buying anything. So that means its ‘go time’ now. I need to get all things ready and figured out what we need to do and all that.
Michael has been keeping me busy, but he’s such a champ and such a good helper that he actually makes my day easier than harder (most of the time). Of course, now that I’ve said that… 😉
Tonight I have some business to take care of over at Scrapforums and settle some things for this weekend. Its going to be really busy and downright around here this weekend, so I’ve got to get some figuring done tonight to get at least a few things sailing smoothly.
Ok, I’ve got to put the little guy to bed. I’ll be around Scrapforums for a bit a little bit later, so take a peek for me there.


2 responses to “A short update

  1. WOW! The bedding is delish! mmmm…. I would order it for myself if I could! rofl!

    Great to hear from you, gal! Looking forward to seein ya over at SF, too! 😀

  2. Well shoot, I missed you by about 15 minutes. That bedding is awesome! Hope you find something like it. Come home now… I miss you!!!

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