Just plugging along over here

You know somewhere along the way, I may have mentioned my idea for getting rid of all the stupid people in the world using “natural selection”. The idea was to give everyone a motorcycle and then access to any kind of equipment they might need or want for protecting themselves. The stupid people will naturally opt out of certain protective gear. Here is a prime example of how this would work: http://www.nbc4.com/sports/9356237/detail.html
Now you all know that you can take me out of Pittsburgh, but you can’t take the Pittsburgh out of me, but for Pete’s sake how dumb can you be to be a 24 year old OFFICIAL (please note this is NOT labeled under “Starbucks Slate”, LOL) Super Bowl Ring Wearer, having the world by the ass, and you go out on a motorcycle without a freakin’ helmet? Um…dumbass has been hit too many times on the field. Ok, I’m done…I think.

I just want you to know that its already 1015, and I’ve been trying to blog since 815 this morning. I’ve got a shitton of things to do today and I haven’t even gotten started yet. Oi, I am so far behind schedule already. Here is my to do list today:

Errands to run:
-Starbucks: Saturday is “Big Mike’s” last day and Michael needs to see him one more time before he’s gone. He’s working today, so we’ve got to get over there before noon.
-Father’s Day shopping: wrapping paper, cards for Daddy/Papa/Granddad
-Mall: fye for CD case, Vickie’s for a new bra, Children’s Place for shorts and tanks for Michael
-Post office: mail Scrapforums goodies out to the crop winners.

Things to do at home:
-Laundry: 2 loads of towels, finish a load of sheets, load of my clothes
-Call Irma
-Pack Michael’s stuff
-Pack my stuff
-Clean up toys in living room
-Clean out refrigerator
-Take photos of deck/patio for Crazy Crawfords site
-Play with Michael and have some fun today
-Make dinner
-Blog, if possible; at the very least, hit the blogroll and see who has been up to what since I’m so out of the loop (big shocker)
-Go to bed early

Ok, now that I see my list, I’m kinda nervous…Um….yeah, I best get up on it and git ‘er done. I’ll check in later…


2 responses to “Just plugging along over here

  1. You forgot: talk to Liss on your list 😉

    Love you!

  2. Hmf! I can’t believe you think Marcus is more evil than me… Hello Clarice, I’ve missed you!! 🙂

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