A is for…

  • Assmonkey: I have always loved this phrase, but use it sparingly, because I don’t want to ruin its novelty.  It always gives me the image of someone who is rather hyper and somewhat distressed in a “going into enemy monkey territory” kind of way. I love it even more since it is the first thing I thought of for the letter A. Too funny.
  • Arbitrary: I love this word. It sounds so legal and proper and ‘just right’. How ironic that it actually refers to something based on individual decisions, not the objective ‘truth’.
  • Always: As in ‘you always’ vs. ‘you never’. Gotta love taking an argument or discussion to the next level by using “blaming words”. I use the word always a lot. Most of the time when I use it, my mind is actually telling myself that not only do I overuse the word, but that by using it, I am actually telling a lie.
  • Africa: I desperately want to visit Africa. I am probably too afraid of all the vaccinations to actually ever go.

2 responses to “{A}

  1. What are you trying to say about me??? I’m apparently and AssClown 😉

  2. …. and I must be always, ’cause I sure ain’t Africa! 😀

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