The little guy won me over!

I was never really a big fan of Curious George as a kid. Ok, I admit it, I thought he was annoyingly stupid and couldn’t imagine why anyone in their right mind would bother reading those books. Being the wonderful mother that I try to be, I took Michael and Sarah to see the movie yesterday. Well…he won me over in the first 20 seconds of seeing him. Man, they made him so stinking cute and lovable. Check him out:

 Curious George

 Isn’t he just the cutest?


2 responses to “The little guy won me over!

  1. Not my favorite character either, and haven’t decided if I’ll take WJ to see it yet. Cute pic though! 🙂

  2. Emily wants to see this and so does Alex. Maybe I’ll send them on a Daddy Daughter date night. He is a cute little monkey though…darn it!

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