Some peoples’ kids, part deux

These are reasons to be happy that your kids are your kids, even on the ‘challenging’ days.

  • In Milwaukee, a five year old boy decided to sneak out of class and take a bus for a drive. No person was hurt, but a poor parked car, tree, lightpole, and a fence got the brunt of the damage. For some reason, the parent(s) of the boy haven’t been available for comment yet. Whole story here.
  • In Ohio, a couple decided to get married at McDonald’s where they work together and met each other several years ago. According to the article, Trisha and Tyree “couldn’t imagine a more romantic spot to hold their wedding.” Um, yeah, you can read that whole story here. (Truly the best part of the article is the opening line…)
  • Rapper Master P will stand trial on weapons charges. Master P isn’t nearly as embarrassed about the weapons charges as he is for his performances on “Dancing With the Stars”. Although, you gotta give him some credit for stepping up to the plate to fill his son’s (the ever popular Romeo) space on the show after Romeo was injured). Mad props for the Pops on that one.
  • A 12 year old boy decided to put a chunk of gum on a $1.5 million dollar painting at the Detroit Institute of Arts. Yeah. You read that right–a TWELVE YEAR OLD. Whole story here.
  • In Florida, a teacher is facing suspension due to a junior in high school peeing in a trash can in a closet in the classroom. True, the teacher should have allowed the student to go to the bathroom, but sheesh, the kid should have walked out versus peeing in the closet. The only people I know of that have peed in the closet were extremely drunk at the time…but that’s another story for another time (perhaps part three? LOL).
  • In Pittsburgh, a seven year old shot his three year old brother. Both are fine, but ironically no mention is made in the story of who is responsible for the gun be accessible to the child. Whole story (?) here.
  • In Pittsburgh, a woman was assaulted. Prime suspect? Her foster child. Yeah.

That’s just a little for you to think of when those kids are making you a little nuts. 😉


One response to “Some peoples’ kids, part deux

  1. Are you sure you have the right names for the McDonald’s story??? LOL 😀

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