A week in one post-you asked for it

Wednesday night, I finally finished Sylvia Plath’s The Bell Jar, an amazing roman à clef. It reminded me quite a bit of Susanna Kaysen’s Girl, Interrupted (FABULOUS book, much better than the movie). Ironically, both Plath and Kaysen were treated at the same mental institution. I highly recommend both books. They are female coming of age stories that have a lot to teach us. Thursday morning, I started reading Anais Nin’s Diary 1. So far, its very interesting. I am only about 80 pages into it, but its got so much info in it that it takes me a bit to process it all. She writes her diary entries in a way that each entry is about twenty or so pages long. Instead of being a day by day kind of thing, its more like a monthly kind of entry that covers EVERYTHING. I like her style and I like how she raises questions of herself that are similar to the questions I think about. Very inspiring to me.

Thursday was fairly uneventful…until around 630 or 700 at night when Michael started puking everywhere. On the couch, on him, on me, on the floor. Oh, it was amazingly revolting. Michael was so flustered at it all-he would just hold his little hand over his mouth to try to keep it from coming out. Poor little guy. Once I got him cleaned up, I put him into bed and ended up sleeping on his trundle in his room so that I could be there throughout the night when he needed me. And he did. He ‘put it in the bucket’ about fifteen times until 330 in the morning, when he finally slept peacefully for three hours.

That morning, Steve and Michael chilled out for a small time-and then I made a little nest on the floor in my bedroom for Michael to watch tv and just chill. I had wanted to put Michael in school today so that my mom and I could go to my 16-week sonogram in peace, but once Michael got sick, I didn’t want him to go to school-and neither did he. Michael ended up coming to the sonogram with Mom and I, where we found out that the baby is a girl! She’s doing great, right on schedule and everything looks good. I will go back for a 20-week ultrasound for the regular intensive ultrasound to check all the organs and so forth, but they are expecting it all to be good then, too. Mom ended up leaving right after the sonogram (and took her about five hours to get home instead of three!!) and Michael and I just chilled until Steve got home from work. Michael acted perfectly normal, except he didn’t want to eat anything. He eventually had a bowl of macaroni and cheese, so I knew that on Saturday, he would be back to his normal self. I ended up sleeping on his trundle again, just for fun. We both slept very well.

Saturday morning, I went out with Liss to the ‘Bucks (not the Flower Hill ‘Bucks, so nothing eventful occurred, LOL) to catch up on her absolute craziness that ensued on Friday night. Too funny that after Steve left to play cards and Michael went to bed, I got sick. I ended up puking all night. ALLLLLLLLL NIGHT! It was funny, but I was so happy that I was sick then, because I had privacy since Steve was out, and I didn’t have to worry about Michael and keeping him happy since he was sleeping. It really was an optimum time to be sick (if there is one!).

The next day I still felt like ass, but at least I could leave my bed after ten o’clock in the morning. Steve was down here in the living room with Michael (asleep on the couch, LOL) and the minute he got up the steps to get into bed, he ran for the bathroom. He was sick all day, so Michael and I chilled. He was such a good boy, too-he would come pet my head, but really just took care of himself most of the day. It was nice. I ended up sleeping in our extra bedroom so that Steve and I wouldn’t wake each other up with our pukings and movings, LOL.

Monday morning I had a midwife appointment (normal, all good) and Michael went to school. I had him rest at school, so that gave me some time to chill out. I ended up at Starbucks where I did a bit of reading and a tiny bit of writing and drawing. Nothing special, but it was really nice to curl up in a chair and drink hot tea and not feel like I was going to fall over.

Tuesday and Wednesday were fairly uneventful, and here it is today, once again uneventful. 🙂 So, now do you feel caught up?


5 responses to “A week in one post-you asked for it

  1. I’m so happy you’re feeling better (all of you!). 😀

  2. It’s a girl! Woo-hoo! I knew it! 😀 Glad to hear life is going super!

  3. Awwwwwwww…a GIRL!!! Congratulations, Stacie (and family)!!

    😀 😀 😀 😀

  4. YAY YAY YAY!!! A little baby girl! Congrats, Stacie! I’m happy for you guys! And to hear that everything is going so well…all the better!
    Happy that you’re feeling better…those pukies are never any fun…whether you’re doing it or having to clean it up. YUCK!!!

  5. http://mrkaif.wordpress.com/ is the blog i was telling you about on the phone.

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