So much to do today

I have so much to do today, I’m hoping that if I put it here, I will get them all done in record time. Here is my list:

  • Figure out why Scrapforums banners and homepage haven’t updated
  • Eclectic Scraps design team work: two layouts
  • Order recycling bins online
  • Updated blog entry on old blog
  • and on here
  • Get Tivo rebates into envies and ready to mail
  • Find receipt to mail to JG
  • Create a postcard to send to GIO’s school for Flat Stanley
  • Finish customizing this blog I’m not done, but got the big things done!
  • Fix computer-its running horribly!

That’s not so much, right?


3 responses to “So much to do today

  1. How’d you make that little list???

  2. Looks like you were a busy little girl today! šŸ˜‰

  3. Hey chica!!! Great job getting that list done! I updated my blog just for you tonight!!! I really do need to get better at this blog thing…just been so crazy nutty silly busy lately!

    Miss you!!! Hope all’s going well!

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