{Vile woman}

I made it to the Bucks again today while Michael was at school. A good time was had by all until…well, just read this from my journal entry at the time…

Okay, I have spent all this time on my, and while I wanted to continue to do so, the Oriental woman sitting in the squishy black chair to my right is forcing herself onto my pages. Sweet Mary, Mother of God, is she out of control. Some things just can’t be ignored in life-such as this woman’s ABSOLUTE inability to chew with her mouth closed. It isn’t even the whole “see-food” issue here-its the SOUND. For God’s sake, close your damn mouth and save us all from this hell of smacking lips and smooshy wet donuts that you have imprisoned us in! Oh, yeah, there you go-dunk the donut in the coffee and let ‘er rip! My random bout of morning sickness this morning must have been in anticipation of this vile woman (who I am sure is a lovely person-or could be if she learned some basic manners).


2 responses to “{Vile woman}

  1. ROFLMAO. Next time throw up on her and blame it on the pregnancy. 😀

  2. LOL at both the blog entry and Sara’s comment. :D~

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