Crazy few days

I’ve wanted to update this blog for a few days but haven’t had the chance to. It’s been a crazy few days over here, and the next few are still going to be a little wild. I’m not complaining, though.
Michael went back to school on Monday for the first time in TWO WEEKS! The first week he was sick with a low grade fever off and on. I couldn’t send him, knowing that he would potentially get the other kids sick with whatever he had. He had a runny nose and mild cough, but it didn’t slow him down one bit. He was as happy and as feisty as ever. He actually missed his first non-family birthday party that he was invited to because of the fever. What a bummer! The second week, he was in Latrobe with my parents while Steve and I were in Boca Raton, Florida for a business meeting…and then he had to stay an extra night because we went to the Bon Jovi concert. 😉 What a hoot! But that’s another story. When I took Michael to school on Monday, I expected him to cry and cling like no other. Wouldn’t you know it, the kiddo showed me tons of toys and then smiled and said, “Bye, Mommy! Pick me up after lunch!” and then went on his way. Wednesday, he stayed for rest time and I picked him up around 2:30ish. I needed to get a lot of stuff done (and actually managed to do so!) while he was there. We got to school a little earlier than usual and he had to go in another classroom to wait for his regular teacher to be there, so I thought he would throw a fit, but he just asked if he could stand at the door and wait for Miss Gina to show up. Man, that kid watched me walk to whole way out of the school. I felt so bad-but he wasn’t sad, he was just waiting for his teacher. I’m really proud of him for adapting back into the routine so well after being gone for so long.
This weekend I am going to a crop in Virginia (Ali Edwards will be there, too-yeah, me! I’m psyched to have her energy around again!) and I’ve had to seriously try to get things ready for it. Because the crop space is in a different building than the hotel, I’m not sure if I’ll be leaving my stuff for the night when I go to bed. Thus, I had to pack so that I can carry EVERYTHING back and forth as needed. Normally, this would be no issue, but the whole being pregnant thing is keeping me from carrying really heavy stuff. I’ve got a sh*t-ton of stuff packed, but I really think I’ll use a lot of it…I hope! LOL
That’s what I did most of Wednesday while Michael was at school.
Now if I could only get caught up on this laundry before I go…


2 responses to “Crazy few days

  1. So…you abandon me to go to Florida, now you are abandoning me for VA to get back at me for getting back at you and going to Lost Wages…I see how you are!

    ::Grin:: I hope you have a good time and come back with lots of projects for me…I’ll even help with your layouts if you want…it’s been a long time

  2. And then there’s the abandoning of me. I call, leave messages, and don’t even get a return message that says “hey, I’m alive and well, and, well…. just too busy to call you back”. LOL Even that would be better than reading about your life. I feel like I’ve been thrown to the wolves. 😉

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