Who couldn’t stop laughing?

Its a wonder that Lori is still friends with me. Truly. Catholic school with those nuns, oi. We would sit in fourth grade science class side by side (desks touching, no less) and laugh our stinkin’ asses off. The minute that Sister Clarice would glare at us, I could wipe the smile off my face, but poor Lori could never stop laughing. Sister Clarice would fly from the front of the room with this look of sheer evil on her face straight to Lori. She would grab the back of her shirt and shake her and tell her who knows what. Who knew a nun could be so violent? This happened so often that it truly was a regular occurence (several times a week?).

Eventually, Sister Clarice thought she got smart and separated our desks…So we started passing notes.

You may wonder what we as fourth graders found so funny. Well, it was Lori’s science book. On one of the pictures of the bulls in the back, someone before our time had taken an eraser to it and made it look like the bull was peeing. It may not seem very funny to you, but we as ten year olds thought that was the funniest thing to find–and in LORI’s book, no less!

Lori still has that science book to this day.

Did I mention that since we didn’t sit near each other, the notes usually contained drawings? Yeah, she didn’t want me to miss the bull too much while I was so far away. 😉


One response to “Who couldn’t stop laughing?

  1. Oh, the days of school girl laughter! That’s a riot! I’d have laughed too. 😀

    So, not necessarily funny, but very weird. Sitting in another boring lecture on who knows what in the 6th grade, one of my best guy friends sitting behind me. Trying not to make too much noise so that the “lay” (but still parochial school) teacher doesn’t catch us not paying attention. I zone out a bit. Then realize that Tim hasn’t poked me, thrown anything at me, or made a sound for like 5 minutes. I turn around to see what he’s doing, and…

    he’s asleep….

    with his eyes OPEN!!!

    Like I said, freaky!–>

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