Some people’s (peoples’?) kids…

This is a common phrase in my house. It usually refers to someone being a little wacky. Sometimes it even refers to the person we are talking to at the moment. Anyway, that being said…
First off, let me tell you about mine. Michael is at Nannie and Papa’s until tomorrow. Steve and I had a business meeting in Florida and we are going to the Bon Jovi concert tonight, so my Peanut is loving it up there in Pittsburgh soaking in all the pre-Super Bowl “fumes”, LOL. Peanut-in-the-belly seems to be doing well. We had the second ultrasound and everything looks good! The blood test doesn’t show a predisposition to any problems, so we will go back at the end of February to check one more time for any signs of spina bifida and/or other issues. But we’ve been assured by the doctors and genetic counselors that they are not worried about seeing anything other than a healthy baby then. Its nice to be happy and have a little less worry about this pregnancy. Steve and I have been talking about names, and we haven’t even discussed boy names, but we’ve come up with a few girl names that we like. Ironically, when I was pregnant with Michael, we never had a girl name that we really loved. Wonder if that means this one will be a girl? Or, are we really up a creek without a paddle in terms of trying to find a boy name? LOL, its really nice to enjoy this all now.
Now, lets talk about other people’s/peoples’ (not sure how to spell that correctly, I’m sorry!) kids…

  • Lori’s kids both have strep throat. What fun, eh?
  • Liss is planning on going to Lost Wages, Nevada in about a week or so. I think she’s getting me back from leaving her for a few days for Florida.
  • In Berlin, another stupid criminal go caught for pretending that he USED to have a glass eye. You can read it here.
  • William Shatner apparently sold his kidney stone for $25K. Um, ew. Although, I will give him mad props for donating the money to Habitat for Humanity.
  • Mr. Torben Vegener Hansen, you go, man! Apparently in 2001, Denmark ruled that institutionalized citizens have the right to have sex (as opposed to restricting it??). Because prostitution is legal in Denmark, this means that caregivers must take them to visit prostitutes, if they so desire. Well, from what I hear, Torben V.H. (age 59) feels the government needs to pay for ‘house calls’ from prostitutes… “claiming that he is unable to have sex manually because of his illness and must be accorded this “human right” by a service similar to the government’s meals-on-wheels program. [The Observer (London), 1-1-06]” Source of quote is News of the Weird.

Some peoples’ kids…


4 responses to “Some people’s (peoples’?) kids…

  1. So glad to have you back, and with a new look…are you all trying to tell me i need to make a change from the pink??? i’ve been contemplating it, but now, i’ll just look like a follower.

    I’m not going to Las Wages to get back at you, however I do feel very abandoned ::sniff sniff:: I think i might be going by myself. I’ll tell you about it when we can finally get each other on the phonw 😉

  2. This post has been removed by the author.

  3. my old one was removed because I can’t spell…

    Love the green blog of happiness! 😀 It looks super fun.

    Glad to hear that there aren’t any problems and that doctors are not worried. You deserve to be super thrilled and not worried yoruself.

    As for girl names, I know your sister is already Sarah, so I can’t suggest that… ooh, what about Lily, after my imaginary daughter?

  4. You really do try to be like me, don’t you! 😉 Love you!!!!–>

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