Wouldn’t it be funny?

To have twins? Not that I am, but I’ve been feeling so miserable and feel like I already look four months pregnant that I’m curious what my ultrasound on the 20th will reveal. Wouldn’t it be funny to have twins?? LOL, I say it so often, I think Steve is getting a little nervous…hehehehe

Ok, now that I have your attention, will you be go enter the Scrapforums contest? We’re looking for the Queen of Funk-its a fabulous contest, and everyone who enters will get a prize-how can you NOT play?

WAAAAAAY back when, Miss Andrea tagged me and I never answered her questions, so now I am going to answer and tag some others-we’ll see who’s paying attention out there!
2 names you go by: Mommy and Stac
2 parts of your heritage: Polish and Hungarian
2 things that scare you: anything happening to anyone in my family or friends and lightning when I’m outside
2 things you are wearing right now: new ‘butt pants’ (velour-y pants from Vicky’s Secret-thanks, Liss!) and fleece shirt
2 of your favorite bands or musical artists (at the moment): Alanis and Green Day
2 favorite songs (at the moment): Figured You Out and My Doorbell
2 things you want in a relationship (other than real love): understanding and compassion
2 truths: I will do anything for my family and I want everyone to just get along
2 physical things that appeal to you (in the opposite sex): bright eyes and straight teeth
2 of your favorite hobbies: photography and scrapbooking (shockers, huh?)
2 things you want really badly: for my current pregnancy to lead to at least one (hehehe) healthy baby and for my family and friends to be happy
2 places you want to go on vacation: Italy and Africa
2 things you want to do before you die: Winnebago across the United States with my family and watch my family be happy and healthy good people
2 ways that you are stereotypically a dude/chick: I love bubblebaths and I love chocolate
2 things you are thinking about now: being pregnant and how out of the loop I am from my online friends-I miss you guys!
2 stores you shop at: Starbucks and Best Buy
3 people you would like to see take the quiz? Liss, Lisa, and Denise.

So, now I must ask you, have you figured out what you are going to use to enter the Funk It Up contest at Scrapforums yet? GET ON IT! 😀


4 responses to “Wouldn’t it be funny?

  1. I find it amusing at how many items we have in common! It’s like we were separated at birth. ;o)

  2. Hehehehehe…TWINS??? Careful what you wish for, Missy!!! My friend was going to adopt and ended up with twins from the birth mother. She’s had her hands FULL…but yeah, to a point, twins WOULD be fun!!

    AND YAY…I’ve been tagged! Off to do my little tag thing! I’ve never been tagged before. I think I’m a dork! LOL

  3. WHAT?????? You’re pregant????? Why did I not know this????? I feel so out of the loop. 😦

    CONGRATS Chica!!! I am THRILLED for you!!!!


  4. Stace, i don’t know how i feel about the whole twins thing. i mean i wouldn’t want to leave you at home to care for them all day by yourself. i might have to quit my job and help…i could live in the basement and be the nanny ;)–>

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