The Western Keep

Sheesh, I finally found the Western Keep (Final Fantasy) after days of searching…Do the happy dance for me, would ya? 😀

I’m in the process of getting caught up with everything at Scrapforums and getting ready for my big trip next week. Tuesday, I am stopping at my SIL’s to see my new nephew and then going to Brooklyn to visit a friend from college. Wednesday, I head for Stamford for CKU-Albums! I am so psyched! It has been a lot of work trying to get ready for everything, and I still have a lot to do (like get my pics developed) but I think it will all work out ok! 😀

So what’s new with you?


One response to “The Western Keep

  1. happy-happy-happy… doin’ the happy dance for you!!! (can you feel it?)

    sounds like a fun trip, but i’ll miss you!!!

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