Gas station religion

The funniest thing happened to me yesterday…
I was filling up my massive gas tank (think Ford Expedition, think $80 for 3/4 tank of gas when the gas prices were at $3.45 per gallon, think no gas station visit when prices were $4 per gallon, talk about feeling trapped!!) and thanking the great Goddess up above about how wonderful it is to have $3.25 per gallon gas (and how fabulously fun it was to fill up the tank in Latrobe last week at $2.20 per gallon!)…but I digress…
There was this fun, upbeat song on and the music was really loud for some reason. It was a song I had never heard, and when the chorus came on, I literally froze in my spot to hear: “Tell everyone, Jesus is alive!” I couldn’t believe they were playing religious music at *MY* gas station!
What made me really laugh was trying to figure out *WHO* in the gas station would have put the music on…
Definatetly not the Middle Eastern owner…
Definately not Late Night Ghetto Girl…
Definately not Native American I Don’t Smile Woman…
Definately not “Look at my new toy! I can hear people a quarter of a mile away!” / “They had to put my friend’s pit bull to sleep because it bit their child” Man…
No clue…perhaps it was a sign? 😉


2 responses to “Gas station religion

  1. ROFLMAO!!! Yeah, that’s it… it was a sign. LOL!!!

  2. I am certain that it was a sign telling you that you better get your Christ on and kick it Jesus style of suffer eternal damnation…i mean you could die anytime…Have you been saved yet? Do we need to have an intervention 😉

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