Re: A Certain “Stalkering”

He really isn’t a little person. Yes, vertically challenged. Yes, shorter than I, but only by a few inches (aka his eyes around my chin height). Yes, I know this because he stood no less than two feet away from me as I disciplined my child in the grocery store during the original “stalkering.”
During the most recent “stalkering,” I was subjected to multiple views of him. Still short, but not a dwarf. In order to back up my thoughts that this guy (as creepy as he is) is not a little person, I present to you this definition of dwarfism:

Dwarfism is a condition in which a person, animal or plant is much below the ordinary size of the species. When applied to people, it implies not just extreme shortness, but a degree of disproportion. Dwarfism is now rarely used as a medical term and is sometimes (but not always) considered impolite or pejorative. Today, the term little person tends to be preferred.

Little person (as opposed to big person), and short-statured are currently preferred terms to refer to a person with extreme, disproportionate shortness. Dwarf is sometimes perceived as having negative connotations, although the term is often used by those affected. The plural is dwarfs — dwarves is used only for the imaginary creature. In the 19th century both dwarf and midget were ordinary medical terms referring to persons of disproportionate and proportionate shortness, respectively. Like many other older medical terms, they became primarily pejorative as they entered popular use. Midget is now considered offensive in all contexts to most, but not all, little people.

(All previous info from this source page).

And just to add the clincher:

Q: What is the definition of dwarfism?
A: Little People of America (LPA) defines dwarfism as a medical or genetic condition that usually results in an adult height of 4’10” or shorter, among both men and women, although in some cases a person with a dwarfing condition may be slightly taller than that. (Little People of America FAQ page.)

Oh, and just so you know, mad props out to my girliegirl, Liss, for overcoming her original fear of “stalkering” just to get some tea. Rock on! (((HUGS)))


4 responses to “Re: A Certain “Stalkering”

  1. you posted that sometimes a dwarf may be a little taller than 4’10…i swear he might be 4’11 which makes him a little person! he has the oompah loompah walk…from this moment forward he is an oompah loompah! i will no longer refer to him as a little person because i have no respect for him…

  2. I say go back by yourself and see if he’s there. But this time take your damn camera with you! A picture tells a thousand words!!! 😀

  3. i’m thinking i should start carying around a tape measure…only thing is i don’t want to get close enough to him to check…too creepy!

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