Just some thoughts along the way

I know you’ve missed my writings. I can tell you that I haven’t had much to say online lately. Mostly because I am overwhelmed with everything going on in the world, like many of you out there. So anyway, here I am. 🙂

I just want to tell everyone one thing: everything is political. Even the media. If I were you, I would remember that everything that everyone says stems from an agenda. Keep in mind that things like NEVER, FOREVER, ALWAYS are extremes that really don’t exist in our world (hence the phrase “exception to every rule”). For those of you who are condemning everyone who is working their asses off to help the hurricane victims and saying that they aren’t doing enough, all I have to say is this:

-Oh, sure, like working 20 hours out of a day to rescue, provide medical help, shelter and comfort to a dazed and confused person who has lost everything except their own life isn’t exhausting? Not even close to how exhausted YOU feel cleaning your damn house that is still standing…

-Walmart ONLY donated $15M to help the victims. How dare they ONLY donate $15M? I mean, really, compared to what YOU donated, even percentage comparison, SURELY they could send more?? Yeah, get off YOUR ass and donate the same percentage of YOUR personal income that they did.

-And I quote “Well they are the dumbasses who didn’t leave when they had fair warning that this was coming!” So does that imply that they DESERVE what happened to them? And do you mean to tell me that you truly believe that every single person who stayed behind had the means to evacuate? Oh, I’m sorry, I didn’t notice their Jags sitting in their driveways…

-And I quote again “I can’t believe THOSE PEOPLE are looting!” Um, yeah, I think its silly to be taking plasma tvs and such, but medicine, food, and clothing? Shelter? ABSOLUTELY! I’d like to see you sitting there after watching half of your family disappear in the depths of nasty water and not provide for the ones who are living without looting. Go for it-prove me wrong.

-More should have been done before the storm hit. Yes, ABSOLUTELY. But guess what? Quit your bitching and help now! We can’t change the damn past, all we can do is help these people put their lives back together.

Have you helped? Or have you just bitched? Don’t have money? (How’s that pack of smokes treating you? Did you have fun out at dinner last night?) How about canned foods, clothing or other non-perishables that you aren’t using? Go take them to the Salvation Army for them to take to the people who have NOTHING?

And while you’re at it, do what the kids in my neighborhood did: set up a lemonaid stand to raise money for those amazing survivors who have their whole lives to rebuild. Have hope and have a dream that even the tiniest bit WILL help someone!

You know what the absolute worst part about this post is? The people who will read it are all people who will have helped and have giving hearts and good souls.


3 responses to “Just some thoughts along the way

  1. Word.

    Watching this whole thing makes me remember this quote by Abraham Lincoln from his second inaugural address,

    “With malice toward none, with charity for all, …let us strive on to finish the work we are in, …to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations.”

  2. Awww Stacie, doesn’t it make you want to just SCREAM? When in doubt about what to do, give to the Red Cross!

  3. Right on, chica! (((hugs)))

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