New PostSecret is up!

Ok, I have really enjoyed this site from the minute I saw it, but once I realized the guy that runs it lives right up the road from me, it became ‘part of my family’. LOL, not sure how he would feel about that….Anyway, new Post Secret is up! Go check it out!


3 responses to “New PostSecret is up!

  1. Alright, I find this pretty amusing, b/c I ask for ALL my drinks to be decaf…LOL However, I’m not a rude customer. I do get upset over the newbie employees who act like I have no clue what I’m ordering and have been there for the past 5 years. Those peole I would love to be rude to….LOL

  2. Hehe…this cracks me up. Especially becaues well…you’ll hear about it next week no doubt. Doing an experiment at the local Starbucks. 😛 But I’m not gonna be rude, trust me!

  3. It’s my favorite nonscrappin’ blog. I even link to it on mine. 🙂

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