Perception is reality

“Perception is reality” is one of my favorite sayings. I (quietly) admit that I learned this phrase from my husband in our college days. It was his way of saying that I was wrong. But it stuck with me, because of its inherent truthfulness. Our perception of what is occurring actually does shape our realities. One of my favorite ‘backup’ quotes is “There are three sides to every story: his, hers, and the truth.” Once again-how we perceive things shapes our reality.
Having spent the past twelve years (yikes!) with this truth mulling around in my brain, I find that it actually helps guide me in making decisions in my life. Sometimes it makes me step back from a situation and take stock before talking, while other times it helps me to remember that another person may not be seeing reality the same way as I am due to previous experiences or state of mind.
Reading this, you will either totally agree with me or think I am off my rocker, but let me ask you this: do you ever ask your friends for their opinions on something? Whether its a decision as to what shirt to wear or color of cardstock to use or to find a new place to live or work is irrelevant. The fact is that most of us seek out the views of our friends. Their reality can give our reality a whole new fresh look. KWIM?
Oh, I admit it. Sometimes our friends have some harsh-feeling words or ideas (truth?) to present to us. Its hard to swallow at times because its truthfulness eats away at that part of us that wants to deny that we were fooling ourselves. Shocking that a single word of truth can shake our perceptions of ourselves and change our entire reality in the span of a sentence. But sometimes if we just let that truth settle in, we can find that reality changes aren’t so scary after all.


4 responses to “Perception is reality

  1. huge ((((hugs))) reality bites! That’s why I live in my own imaginary world. LOL (j/k…sorta)

  2. I think good friends are the ones that say it how it is…especially because I definitely have a hard time seeing reality sometimes and need the words of others.

  3. Friends are often the ones who make me realize that I’m fooling myself. And you, my dear, once really drove home a point when you told me that sometimes inaction is the same thing as action.

  4. What an eye-opening entry, Stac. And I don’t think you are bonkers…LOL I like the words of wisdom you gave to Sara too….great point!!!

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