Hi, my name is Stacie…

And I have become a PSP junkie. I admit it-I love my recently acquired PSP and it loves me. I blame this on my mother and father.
As a child, video games were not something that was allowed in the house. Oh sure, on the rare occassion that we went to Pizza Hut, I would *sometimes* be allowed to play Space Invaders or PacMan. When I would visit my aunt who had Atari, wow…I would get to play this crazy dragon game and Kaboom. Those were the days…
As a college student, I was lucky enough to have many friends who loved PlayStation. Each Monday was called Mortal Monday and there would be vast numbers of people hanging out playing Mortal Kombat. I would play, but really had no clue what the heck I was doing. I learned a few combos that could whoop someone else’s butt, but the rest of the time I was just slamming the buttons as fast as I could. Needlesstosay, if I actually beat you, your skills weren’t so mad, hehehe. During the summers, I would hang out with my friends at home and play Twisted Metal. I wasn’t so good at steering, but it was fun after partying for a few hours.
When Steve and I were living in Rockville (years ago, before marriage and before Michael ever entered our thoughts), we would play MK and CoolBoarders on PlayStation. I loved CoolBoarders! No, I still wasn’t any good at steering in races, but in the tricks part, I found that some of those MK moves nabbed me some serious points.
After Michael was born, we picked up PlayStation2 (and I believe the PlayStation went to Steve’s office, or maybe another friend is “borrowing” it??) and picked up a few more games.
Fast forward to our current home: Xbox in the movie theatre and PS2 in the living room. Steve plays more often than I do, and I can honestly tell you that the only reason I bought him Xbox was to play Halo and Halo2. When Sarah visits, Steve gets re-addicted to PS2, but about a week after she leaves, he’s back on his normal, random gaming schedule.
And now, my beloved PSP. I have three games, but have only played two. My first game purchase was Twisted Metal: Head On. Love it. I *STILL* have a hard time steering, but I’ll tell you what, the longer you play, the more you get the hang of it (enter addiction). The next game I bought was called Lumines. Its a puzzle game that reminds me of a kind of Tetris (I think). You make blocks of colors and then they disappear and you get points and new screens and new music and blah blah blah. Its the one I play most often. I am highly addicted to it…HIGHLY. My other game is called Wipeout Pure. I will admit that I bought this game for two different reasons. One: Its a spacelike racing game. Two: There is a hack that you can use with the game so that you can access the internet through your PSP. If you know *ANYTHING* about me at all, you can guess which one of those is the primary reason for the purchase of that game.
When I confessed to Steve that I bought a PSP (thanks for spilling the beans, Sarah! hehehe), he asked me why. I showed him how easy it was to zone into the games and he laughed so hard since he had never seen me that way before. I asked him if he wanted one, and he said he didn’t need another timewaster. (Don’t listen to him, my sweet shiny black PSP! You know I love you, baby!) But then, he said something to the effect of “Hey, can I try that game?” Yeah, 20 minutes later I got it back with a “Please don’t buy me that, I will never get any work done again!” Too true.


3 responses to “Hi, my name is Stacie…

  1. Now you know how I feel with Wesley’s VSmile and Leapster. When a PS2 or PSP enters our house, it’ll be all over baby! LOL 😉

  2. LOL – well, it’s perfect timing. My kids will love you and you will love them. Keep them busy with the PSP. ;o)

  3. This is why I haven’t purchased a new game system since I sold my Playstation. I used to play Die Hard for hours, just shooting, shooting…bang bang…aaaaah, was so wonderful.

    And Need for Speed, Road Rash…couple other favorites.

    Of course, I still have my computer games and could waste away a day or more playing them. Super Collapse is e-vil.

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