Random thoughts along the way

the beauty of the written word
I love pages and pages of my own writing-even though I’ve never really liked my own handwriting until recently (like a week ago). I love that feeling of accomplishment that I get when I see full pages. They can be ramblings of no consequence or great grand projects of introspection. In the end, it doesn’t matter-I just smile and feel good about it. Silly, eh?

we fear change
Over the past few years, I’ve come to realize that I am a status quo kind of girl. (This isn’t really very flattering.) I like things to stay ‘just as they are’. I get nervous and anxious to step outside my box. Fear alone of being a fool can easily keep me from trying something new (Yet I will very easily be silly and crazy on purpose to entertain other people. What’s up with that? Beat them to it? Don’t know!) What I find very strange about being a status quo girl is that I usually end up questioning everything. You’d think I would leave well enough alone, but…

arguments for sale
Did you know that I am (unfortunately) one of those people who will start an argument for no real reason? I mean, I don’t sit there and think “I’m so going to start an argument just to argue.” I suppose its more of a “You aren’t giving me enough attention, and this will force you into it.” I’ve been working hard on trying not to do this. How? I’ve tried to be more aware of when I’m feeling a little passive aggressive and to ask for attention instead of picking a fight. It almost always immediately difuses my feelings of anger. Almost…

step inside my comfort zone
What does the phrase ‘comfort zone’ really mean, anyway? Why do we have one? For ‘protection’? Why do Americans seem to have a larger comfort zone than other peoples (ie the 3 foot rule versus 6 inches in your face rule)? I’m not sure where this one is going-they were just thoughts that popped into my head.

So, there are a few random thoughts for you to digest.


2 responses to “Random thoughts along the way

  1. LOL, we’re a lot alike.
    The whole “I’m going to get their attention one way or another” thing is a hard one to overcome. It’s easier to pick a “fight”, than to make yourself vulnerable by saying “hey, i like you and want you to pay attention to me now, please” And anyway… arguements are sometimes more fun ;o)

  2. Not enough caffeine in my system to digest all this. ;o) But, to sum it up… hate my handwriting, never fear change, I can be a bitch in an argument (especially when I KNOW I’m right!), and my comfort zone is exactly why I won’t travel to Asian countries.

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