You thought yesterday was bad

So here is my issue: My reliable computer died yesterday, and I lost all the info, programs, files, etc that were there AND the hard drive sounds like its eating itself (not a good sign, for real). The chances of it starting up or even the recovery of any information at all is slim to none (and I just heard slim get eaten by said hungry hard drive). On top of that, my unreliable laptop that is less than a year old (lovingly called my “Congratulations! You’ve got cancer! prize”) will not stay turned on. From what I hear, its a motherboard/power insertion location connection problem that is “user induced” (Did I mention the motherboard had to be replaced just a few short months ago??). My response? “MY ASS!!” Oh, I own up to my true “user induced” problems, but this one doesn’t add up (Did I mention that my brother-in-law has the same model and is having the same issues?). Dare I say it again? User induced MY ASS!! (Meanwhile, my parents have my five year old Dell laptop that-knock on wood-hasn’t had a problem in its lifetime.)
Do my laptops need thrown? WTF? Is this some kind of conspiracy?
So, here is where I was at:
-Trying to scan and stitch layouts for the Snazzy Scraps design team stuff
-Trying to figure out if I missed a link during all the crashes to work on the latest Cashew Style design team stuff
-Getting the Scrapforums newsletter taken care of and trying to figure out what site updates need to be made
-Trying to figure out if someone (ANYONE??) can re-email me my flight info for CKU-TN
-Trying to find a contract I was supposed to sign and send last week (THANK YOU, A.H.!! YOU ROCK! I SWEAR I WILL SEND IT ASAP!!)
-Recent purchases info
-General logins/passwords/email addresses, etc.
-iTunes. Do I need to say anything else on this one? GONE! ALL GONE!! 😦

So meanwhile, I decided to try to start up the old (OLD OLD OLD) desktop to try to get things done. What a mess. I had to get rid of programs, users, viruses, etc. Downloaded some ad removal program (thanks for the heads up, Lisa!) and quarantined and then deleted 1154 “critical” items. HORRID.
So now I’m trying to get a VERY OLD desktop up to par enough to download all over again the programs for working on the site and newsletter. Argh. I’m frustrated, but hopeful that this desktop will work well enough to get all my work done tonight. Oi.

So several hours have passed in the writing of this, and yes, I’m still frustrated. BUT. Remember that “Miracles happen every day” kind of post a few days ago? Even though I’m mad, life is still pretty damn good. Check out my latest cell phone pic of my little peanut (over on the left)-does it get any better than that? 😀


2 responses to “You thought yesterday was bad

  1. Heya lady, I’m sans child (woo hoo!) so let me know if you need any help with anything site wise or online, m’kay?

    Any Cashew Style stuff…go order online if you need to.

  2. OMG, girl…that totally sucks!! I have a major fear of my computer just deciding that it no longer works (knock on wood, it’s a Dell that is only 7 months old). I’ve been backing up like crazy…just out of the fear that something might happen. OIY.

    I hope that you can recover some of your stuff! And that you can find a computer to work with you for a bit more than a few minutes!

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