Saturday Saturday Saturday

Not to confused with Thursday Thursday Thursday…
We did a bit of shopping today: Gymboree, Barnes & Noble, Starbucks, Steve and Barry’s. Just a tiny bit of Memorial Day Weekend damages done. 😉
Tonight we’re going to see Star Wars. I’m really excited-its been a long time since we’ve seen a movie together at the theatre. Oh, and did I mention that my parents are coming with us? It should be a good time.
We’re going to eat dinner here in a few minutes, so I gotta run, but…I just want you all to know that I sure do like you! 😉


2 responses to “Saturday Saturday Saturday

  1. Ooooh shopping! What’d ya get?
    Hope you enjoyed the movie! :o)

  2. Sounds like you’re having fun!! How did you like the movie?? Ken & Tyler went to see it Friday night & Tyler loved it!! He is such a huge Star Wars fan. He said it was definitely the most violent one & was worried I wouldn’t like it.


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