Roll the bones

We go out in the world and take our chances
Fate is just the weight of circumstances
That’s the way that lady luck dances
Roll the bones
-Roll The Bones, Rush

Most of you reading this know that I truly believe that there is a reason for everything that occurs. We can learn from every experience we have and hopefully not too many of those experiences are unhappy ones. But I also find ‘in the nick of time’ and ‘coincidences’ ironic, yet, I digress.

Like many of you, I have had several unfortunate things happen in my life, whether it is in my personal life directly or in my friends’ or family’s lives. I have been thinking about how good my life is today, and of course, I am at the point where I truly realize that the bad things make the good things even better. It sounds so trite to put it into words, but ah well-its the truth.

On that note, I am highly disappointed in the Lost season finale. I guess I should preface that by saying this is the only episode that I watched. πŸ˜‰


4 responses to “Roll the bones

  1. HONK!

    Lesson learned- never watch Lost again.


  2. Very philosophical post, Stacie… and I agree with what you say. Well, except for Lost because I didn’t watch it. I watched the first episode and it didn’t capture my interest so never again.

  3. I see you were doing too much thinking last night… oh, and the Lost finale was awful!

  4. Stacie, you always make me think, really think πŸ™‚
    And don’t worry, NO Lost for me!

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