I knew it

I knew something was up yesterday early evening. After Michael had his breathing treatment (he has a cold and is having a hard time breathing again, poor kid – but he’s happy and playing, at least!), I heard a plane coming over, but it was so loud that I was actually worried that it was a little private owned plane potentially going to wreck into the house. I stood in front of Michael trying to decide what the heck to do, but its not like I knew what was up. When I looked outside, it was a fighter jet flying over. Windows and walls were rattling. If the guy would have waved, I would have been able to see-that’s how low he was to the ground. He was lower than any of the airplanes ever are around here – we have the county airport about a mile and a half from our home. He disappeared and either he or another plane came back and it was pretty regular timing for about 10 minutes or so. I searched the news stations, news websites, and even called out of state to see if anyone knew anything and I turned up nothing. I really was nervous that something was going on in DC that we were being defended against, but couldn’t figure out what it would be if it wasn’t being broadcasted everywhere. My mom suggested that someone is practicing for a Memorial Day airshow. Finally, I thought perhaps the local fighters were doing a neener-neener-neener flight about the Johnny Jackass who flew over DC two weeks ago getting his license pulled (haha). I had almost put it out of my mind, when I thought perhaps I should take another quick look at the websites at 1130 at night. Well, look what I found out:
NBC4 News
Guess I wasn’t so paranoid after all, eh?


4 responses to “I knew it

  1. Okay, kinda scary that you’re living so close to all that… “drama” ! yikes!!

    (((hugs))) for Michael. Hope he’s 100% soon.

  2. A Memorial Day practice!!! ROFL! Can we say “run to the bomb shelter”? Seriously, make a decision next time… wink at him! ;o)

  3. I didn’t realize you were in the DC area. I’ll be moving back there in a little over a month. I was living near Ft Belvoir when 9-11 happened, and it was a loooong time before I stopped getting nervous from ANY plane flying kinda low. Tough when you’re in the flight path to National…

  4. WTH is up with these people!! My goodness I remember when the Blue Angels flew for the Naval graduations, but to have them flying overhead and not know why…how scary.

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