Blogging, why I do it

My friend Laura asked me today why I started blogging my response was that I had done it before it was cool (and hence no one read it), I got bored, and stopped posting, but then decided recently to jump on the blogwagon and be a true follower-in search of that coolness factor. But here I am, several hours later, thinking about whether there aren’t some deeper reasons why I blog. I suppose in retrospect, I feel like my answer to Laura was somewhat flip.
I admit it-I’m a techiegeekgadget lover. Thankfully, my husband is, too, so we support each other in this highly monetarily-abusive attitude. We both turn our heads rather quickly to listen harder if someone – anyone – says “new” gadget/ camera/ cell phone/ computer/ laptop/ printer/ scanner/ iPod/ music player/ palm pilot/ software/ video games/ search engine algorythms/ DMOZ… You get the point? The only thing we never really got into was the beepers/pagers scene-but who needs that when you have cell phones with text messaging. Yet, I digress.
The point I was making is how can I *NOT* be blogging when its the latest techie rage? I mean, one of my dear friends who is VERY non-techie is out there blogging (in the guise of a scrapbook blog). Which seems to have urged her on to attempt digital scrapbooking (and made a digital design team!). Uh, hello? Do you see how technology sucks us in and drags us deeper? (Thank you, CoCo, for being an excellent example!) Wait, wrong blather-but you get my point, right?
I like to share my thoughts with my friends in a way that does not *FORCE* them to read (like say an email that implies you will comment in return). I really like when my friends comment, though. It makes me feel special and I think its really cool that *THEY* come looking for *ME* to see what I’m up to. Talk about making someone feel special!
I like that I can both direct thoughts toward certain people and write vast generalizing statements towards no one in particular at the same time in the same post if I want to. I love inside jokes (especially when I “get” them, LOL), such as:
“Bedagerfderf, little girl.”
“I like chicken and mashed and paimp.”
“Don’t get SUIT.”
“I don’t need my medicine anymore.”
BUT. My life isn’t that terribly exciting or interesting. Sure, it has interesting points. I *LOVE* my life but its a run of the mill stay at home mom kind of life. I’m not a celebrity, so no one except my friends seek me out. So, I suppose the real reason I blog is to entertain *ME*. Thank you, my friends.


3 responses to “Blogging, why I do it

  1. You do a pretty darn good job entertaining me too, chica! ;o)

  2. Oh YAY! I made it into Stacie’s COOL blog! Woohoo 🙂
    I’m such a geek, eh?
    I find your blog very entertaining Missy! Keep on truckin’!

    …does your poppa have a blog??
    Coco 🙂

  3. Oooh, our reasons are similar. 😀 I have an abandoned LiveJournal. It was for friends only and completely uninteresting. Besides, sometimes it’s fun to jump on bandwagons, right? 😀

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