Welcome to the blue house!

Yes, its true, today we saw Bear in the big blue house. Funny, that last time we went with Sarah, the house was nearly life size, this time, its pretty tiny. No matter-Michael had a BLAST!! We did, too.
We are having such a wonderful time watching him enjoy things and get excited. Yesterday, we went to a 3D movie and laughed our butts off as he reached for things. Once he even threw his glasses off because he was afraid of something ‘getting him’. Too cute.
Tonight we have a reception and dinner for the business part of it all, and while its sunny and hot out right now, we just got a message saying that the events are being moved away from the pool due to inclement weather. WTH? I don’t see any inclement weather?! Oh, well, maybe they know something we know?? Doesn’t make sense, but…
Michael is ‘kind of’ sleeping in his room. Its hard to sleep when people are slamming doors all afternoon and someone decides to vaccuum the floor outside your hotel room. But he’s making the best of it, LOL
Everthing is going great down here, but it seems as if a few of you are missing me. So, in order to help you feel better, I am going to give you a couple of links to check out to let you feel ‘closer’ to me. (LMAO)

A Touch of West Virginia

What’s a Day Without Horses?
Update On “I’m Rick James, B***h!”
Apparently “Big Sister” checking up on “the little ones” to see who’s been naughty
And finally, for those of you who require boobs, beer, and hockey.
Enjoy, and talk to you soon!


3 responses to “Welcome to the blue house!

  1. I’m so in love with the fact that you called her Big Sister. And explain to me why we’re telling another country to finish their Constitution?

    Glad to hear that Rick James isn’t crazy, just on a spiritual journey. I really need Season 2…

    Have fun!

  2. LOVE the Beer pic 🙂 YUMMY!

  3. Oh, I love Bear in the Big Blue House. We took Mo back in 2001, now off to visit him at Disney for Bridget this summer. Mo still calls the moon Luna…LOL

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