Random thoughts of today

-I need Starbucks.
-How can this part of the airport *NOT* have Starbucks??
-It’s probably a protective thing when your stomach drops as you surge
upward on a plane~perhaps something telling us its just not natural for
humans to fly?
-My child is angelic! I know *SHE* is jealous of me, because my child is
damn near perfect (on this flight) hehehe
-Juan, has anyone ever told you what lovely hands you have? I positively
adore how they hold my soon-to-be cup of chai!
-I wonder if Starbucks barristas (sp?) are available for hire?
-Porters are just as lonely as cab drivers…just a bit more bitter, but
with a smile.
-Thank you, Juan at the Orlando Airport Starbucks, for that kick@$$
chai!! (I don’t hand out that compliment to just any old chai creator,
-Denise is such a doll-can’t wait to see her in a few days!!
-There must be a reason that ALL the men in the gym are middleaged. Why
am I in here? Oh, yeah…excuse me, is there a ladies room closeby?
-Our room knew it was for us: its completely orange and blue!
-Michael’s nose sweats in his sleep, the same exact way that TJ’s (my
first kiss) did when he ate nachos with jalapenos.
-If Michael is this excited about the playground at the hotel, what are
we in for when we actually go to one of the parks?
-I better wake the boys up now…gotta find that mouse!!!
-Stacie Crawford


2 responses to “Random thoughts of today

  1. You’re in Orlando?? I din’t know that! 😦 Have fun when you meet up with Denise! Did you find the mouse? 😉

  2. I can’t believe you remember your first kiss and that his nose sweated too…great memory!

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