Now you’ll really be jealous…

So, most of you know that it was my birthday last week. Well, Jessica made me a birthday present. Unlike any other that I’ve ever received. A digital kit!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT!?! She’s such a freak-she knows me so well! She made it to fit me perfectly-I just love it! I think she needs to put it up for sale on Eclectic Scraps. Here is the preview and my first layout that I made with it (If you like it, go bug her about buying it!!):
Image hosted by
Image hosted by


4 responses to “Now you’ll really be jealous…

  1. Now I really am jealous! I’ll be bugging her for sure!! I WANT IT!! šŸ™‚ Oh Jesssssicaaaaaaa….

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that your layout you already finished with it is so cute, too! šŸ˜€ Fantastic!

  3. Wowsers, you are both simply amazing. Love the kit, Jess, especially the letters. Stac, love the layout. What an awesome picture of Michael.

  4. Great kit and layout! I’m loving those colors. Happy Belated B-day!

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