Oi, early morning…

630, the alarm went off and boy, was I having a cool dream. I think if I would have been at home sleeping without an alarm, I never would have remembered it, so I guess you take the lumps with the goods, eh? 🙂
I had to get up early to get Sarah ready for school today. I have to say that my only complaint this morning with her was that it appears that no one has combed her hair for a few days. The knots were so horrible that I couldn’t even comb it. I felt that 645 am was not the time to start ripping them out, so when she gets home from school today, guess what we’re going to be doing? Its going to be awful, to say the least. She will cry, and she will be in pain. I just don’t understand why no one has combed her hair-that’s what makes it so frustrating. ARGH. Needlesstosay, big sister will be the bully so that Mom won’t have to be tomorrow night.
You know, last night I had all intentions of going to bed early. I ended up sitting here talking with my Dad until around 1130, then I *HAD* to read a few pages of The Lovely Bones just to see what it was all about. Boy, did I get sucked in. I forced myself to stop reading at 1230 and turned off the lights. Normally, I just would have kept on reading for a few hours, but I knew that I would have no help with Michael today, since I’m in Latrobe. Anyway, the book is really good so far, and I’m only on the first chapter. Disturbing, but good.
Michael is doing really well. He finished up all his medicine and hasn’t needed a breathing treatment for a few days (even at the birthday parties running like a madman with his cousins, no meds needed). He’s his old goofy self and way less demanding than he was when he was feeling bad. Ok, he’s still demanding-as usual-but at least he’s sweet, too. 😉 My Dad calls him Michael “Don’t tell me no” Crawford-and it fits him well. hehehehe
I was getting so psyched to digi scrap for a bit today, but it appears that my parents don’t have the right program on their computer (what the heck?? Don’t they know I was coming? hehehe), and my laptop that I brought is slow as heck to work on digi stuff. Not sure what I was thinking not bringing my other laptop.
Anyway, I’m rambling, and I think I need to find something good to drink…anyone have a good Starbucks by them?


2 responses to “Oi, early morning…

  1. Dare I admit that I’ve never been to Starbuck’s? My face burns, just having to type that.

    So happy to hear that Michael is feeling better. His name has quite a ring to it, eh? lol… or maybe the ringing is the sound you hear in your ears when you DO tell him ‘no’!?! LOL ;o)

    It’s been a while since I read The Lovely Bones. GREAT book! I admire your ability to put it down. I can never do that when I read! lol

    Have a great afternoon, sweet lady! ;o)

  2. Jessica, you need to go to STARBUCKS!!!

    I haven’t read Lovely Bones for awhile now. I had a lot of mixed emotions with the book, but it was well-written. Like Jessica, I find it hard to put a book down and pay for it the next day…LOL

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